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A reply to those who say BSP doesn’t work for Dalits

A reply to those who say BSP doesn’t work for Dalits

Name any state, where you can find 3 direction signs and all named after Dalit-Bahujan Ideals? Or name any government that has worked for Dalits and have given this much importance to Dalit-Bahujan ideals? You won’t find it anywhere but in Uttar Pradesh or you won’t find any government that has given importance and credit to Dalit heroes. So, if today if you can see this sign direction named after Dalit-bahujan heroes all this has become possible because of the work and dedication of Saheb Kanshi Ram, Behan Mayawati and BSP towards Dalit-Bahujans.

If you have not read the achievements of BSP and 100 reasons to vote for BSP, read it from here.



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Stop Attacking Dalit Statues and Dalit Pride

If you want to destroy a society, destroy its history and the society will get destroyed automatically – Dr. Ambedkar.

On 26th July, a statue of Behan Mayawati was broken in Lucknow; a day later, three statues of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar were broken in Azamgarh and on 30th July, another statue of Dr. Ambedkar was vandalised in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. All this is not new and has been happening to Dalit leaders’ statues, Dalit idols or icons, Dalit places and Dalit history since ages. Numerous Dalit saints/gurus were killed – such as Sant Chakardhar, Sant Namdev, Sant Tukaram, Guru Ravidas, Sant Chokhamela; people even tried to kill Mahatma Jyotiba Phule & Shahuji Maharaj. Dalit history has been maligned and distorted since ages. Historians are supposed to be free from fear, to be sincere, open minded, open hearted truth seekers & also courageous enough to show the truth at any cost. But it is the misfortune of Dalits of India that historians have shown a distorted picture & never showed truth to the people. Being Dalit, we have been taught to hate ourselves, we have been taught that Dalits’ don’t have any history; we have been taught Dalits can’t do any good. Who taught you all this? Upper caste people did.

Dr. Ambedkar’s followers were putting up statues of him in slums and villages even when he was alive but the first official statue of Dr. Ambedkar was set up in 1962, in Mumbai (Bombay) at the Institute of Science crossing. And then came the moment when Dalits started asserting and in 1966, Dr. Radhakrishnan (President of India) inaugurated Dr. Ambedkar’s statue in the Parliament building complex (New Delhi). In Uttar Pradesh, one research study shows that the very first Dr. Ambedkar statue was installed with the contribution of Dalits in around 1966 on the outskirts of Allahabad, and Dalits of Kanpur didn’t take much time to install another statue on the same lines. We must not forget that many installations of Dr. Ambedkar’s statues were opposed by upper caste people with stone pelting or boycotts but Dalits showed courage and didn’t move back. Dalits knew that statues of Dalit idols will stand as a major feature in the Dalit-Bahujan movement. And in all those statues Dr. Ambedkar will stand aloft. How can we forget the struggle and sacrifice of our forefathers?

Dr. Ambedkar Park, Lucknow, India

Dr. Ambedkar Park, Lucknow, India

Statues of Dalit icons are built by Dalit people with their own money and contributions, not with the money from the state as Gandhi-Nehru statues are being made in India. So, why are Dalit icons’ statues being broken and damaged? Statues represent a crucial point in the aspirations of Dalits towards democracy, aspirations of Dalits towards equality and justice. Dalits gather around these statues, get organised, organising functions and all these gatherings give them strength to believe in themselves and get inspired by other fellow Dalits. All these attempts to demolish Dalit icons’ statues is an attempt to demoralise Dalits, deprive Dalits of their rich history and rob them of what Dalits have been able to gather after years of struggle.

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Achievements of “Bahujan Samaj Party” – 100s Reason to Vote for BSP

–A great post by my friend Mr. Sandip Patil from Mumbai.
Hon’ble Ms. Mayawati Ji-led government formed on 13 May, 2007 in Uttar Pradesh, after its four-year term, has kindled a new ray of “bright” future among the general public in the State, especially the SC/STs, backwards, religious minorities and upper-caste poor in respect of law and order and crime control together with development and public welfare activities.
This very government, by pursuing the path shown by great saints, gurus and seers born in backward classes, especially Mahtma Jotiba Phule, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj, Shri Narayana Guru, Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and Manyawar Shri Kanshiram Ji in development and public welfare activities with government following the policy of “Sarvajan Hitay – Sarvajan Sukhay”.

Vote and Support “Bahujan Samaj Party”

Besides, to honour these backward-born great “Saints, Gurus and Seers”, various magnificent spots, memorials, museums, parks, etc have been constructed in the state, on which the total budgeted government amount spent is even less than 1%; the remaining funds having spent on law and order, crime control, development and public welfare activities.

In the last four years, the central government did not release on time its share payable to the state totalling Rs. 21,385 crore. If this amount had been paid by the centre in time, achievements of the state government could have been far far better.

Not only this, the “special economic package’ of Rs. 80,000 crore sought from the central government for the total development of the state, especially Bundelkhand and Poorvanchal in view of the poor and pitiable economic conditions inherited from the previous governments, no money was received from the central government at all.

Thereafter, under government’s new development strategy several major projects /schemes on the PPP-model, like the Ganga Express-way, Yamuna Express-way and Upper Ganga canal were prepared to spur development in the state in which no central investments were involved except a departmental ‘no objection ‘ from them; the centre, however, did not cooperate even in this matter.

And yet, with “ correct mobilization of resources and improved financial management” the state government generated an atmosphere

Development, notable achievements of which are enumerated below:


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Few rare pictures of Behan Mayawati and Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji

Mayawati, extreme right with her parents Prabhu Das Dayal and Ramrati Devi and five of her seven siblings in the 1960s. Below On her 47th birthday Behan Mayawati with her mentor Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji.

Read also – The Chamcha Age – by Saheb Kanshi Ram

Behan Mayawati giving a lecture and Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji sitting at the front row (middle)

Check Wallpapers from here – 15th March in Dalit History – Saheb Kanshi Ram Ji’s Birth Anniversary

Behan Mayawati receiving a bouquet from her mentor, Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji in 1995

Read also – What BSP and Kanshi Ram have done to the Untouchables

Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji on bicycle march

Watch – Documentary on Saheb Kanshi Ram Ji

Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji

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“Only whores choose their own partners”

Honouring Dalits with Blood

Once, I asked writers who had already written on the issue of a Khap Panchayats that what’s the role played by caste in the brutalities of Khap Panchayats i.e. how Dalits suffer in Khap Panchayat system?

They replied there is no such survey or measure available to check out this, Dalits are killed when they marry into another caste but in Haryana the problem is of Khap (marrying within Khap), the other replied Khap Panchayats are against modernization not against Dalit.

I wasn’t satisfied with the answers, so I tried to search and write this article explaining with brief history what led to the increase in the number of Khap Panchayats illegal decrees, fatwas against Dalits.

Khap (group of 84 villages) is a system of social administration and organization in northern India (highly influenctial in Haryana, Rajasthan and western Uttar Pradesh).

Khap Panchayats whole-sole motive/purpose is to work and maintain clan/caste system alive (which they have done with perfection!) and they have always worked as anti-Dalit, anti-women, and anti-modernization.

Sometimes these Khap Panchayats are equated with Kangaroo Courts, which are the sham legal proceedings and which are set-up in order to give the impression of a fair legal process.

Why Landlords Are Furious

Never changing story: A Balmiki woman surveys her ransacked home Jhajjar. Gohana. And now Salwan, where justice by a caste panchayat saw dalit bastis looted and burnt.

Jajmani system under which there was some interdependence between the landlords and Dalit agricultural labors, but after the green revolution (in 1970s) the dependence of Dalits on landlords decreased to some extent. ThisJajmani system was broken up and Dalits got liberated from bonded labors after green revolution.

What troubled more was 73rd amendment (in 1992) of Indian constitution which reserved seats for Dalits in Gram Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis, Zilla Parishids (district councils) according to the Dalit population. Now, it was obvious for so called upper caste landlords to be annoyed with Dalits as Dalits were ready to sit beside them.

How could upper caste people have tolerated this when they have been forcing Dalits to drink their urine in juttis (shoes, slippers) for thousands of years?A Is there any need to discuss about reservations impact on the social status of Dalits? Reservation has always made anxious to so called upper caste people.

Another reason for the increased visibilities of such crimes is the rise in global level education, economic opportunities for everyone (including Dalits) in Haryana, which made possible love/inter-caste/inter-community marriages.

I agree to some extent when people say Khap Panchayats are against modernization as Khap Panchayats banned playing cricket at many places like in district Jind (Haryana) after the poor performance of team India in world cup. Ban hardly remained in force for few weeks afterwards everyone forgot about the ban and cricket become as popular as it was.

In another district, Rohtak (Haryana) Khap Panchayats banned the usage of DJs in marriages giving the reason that it disturbs animals, it was done under animal welfare! They value animals more than human!

In places like Rajasthan, state government has established Rajasthan GAO (cow) Seva commission. In this scheme, special shelters are being created for 6 Lac cows. In addition to this 5 Arab, 24 crores & 85 Lakhs rupees has already been spent by Rajasthan Govts on these cows. These bans were effective for few days only, but the ban on expelling Dalits from village, boycotting Dalits remains effective life long.

Righteous Kill: Stark Realities

It is estimated that every year hundreds of married couples are murdered, are asked to leave the village, are asked to break their marriages and accept each other as brother-sister, are paraded naked, and their faces blackened by their families in order to regain/retain family honour, on the ill-fated instructions of Khap Panchayat. And mostly those suffering in these crimes are Dalits. The decisions about killing, burning homes, raping Dalit women etc are taken by these Khap Panchayats collectively at the open places without any fear.

It’s not always the family of the boy or girl (as promoted by these Khap Panchayat) who kills or orders to kill but the Khap Panchayat members play an active role in executing rapes and murders. If they (boy/girl) escape, their family members are murdered/killed, gang-raped or fined heavily.

In Jhajjar, (Haryana) which is developing fast (coming NTPC thermal power plant and AIIMS-like hospital) but the condition of Dalits is as miserable as was 100s of years ago in the area. Social boycott of Dalits in this area is common thing. Number of cases of caste killing/honour killing are being reported from this area. Recently, an upper caste girl tried to marry a lower-caste boy, the girl’s sister was helping in this. Both the girls were found dead in next day.

In Dadri, District Bhiwani of Haryana caste panchayat ordered boycott of the newlywed couple, ordered them to escape from village and their families were fined heavily. Two years back in district Kaithal (Haryana) a couple was killed and their bodies were thrown in river on the orders of these Caste Panchayats, in another case, a couple was killed and their dead bodies were kept in front of everyone in village so that everyone can learn a lesson from this.

All these acts of Khap Panchayats are not limited to Haryana only, you can see the impact of Khap Panchayats in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab also. Recently, in district Muzaffarpur of Uttar Pradesh a women was raped by her father in law and Khap Panchayat ordered she should accept her husband as a son.

In another district Saharanpur, a 40 year old women was paraded naked in the village and Khap Panchayat ordered the rape of her 17 year old daughter and people acted on the same lines. Police did not even register the case. In Meerut district, the same almost happened when a inter-caste marriage happened.

Caste Panchayats have outgrown their function as local dispensers of justice. Today, they are epitomes of cruelty. (Photo Credit: Outlook India)

After two days of International Human Rights Day, on 12th December, 2009 while commuting death sentences of two persons involved in honour killings Supreme Court accepted caste as a stark reality in honour killings and said The caste is such a concept that grips a person even before his birth and does not leave him even after his death the vicious grip of the caste, community, religion, though totally unjustified, is a stark reality.

On the same day (12 December, 2009) another landmark judgment came from Judicial Magistrate, (though after 11 years of case proceedings!) which imposed fine on Khap Panchayat for issuing a fatwa excommunicating a person from the Khap and calling for his social boycott. This is the first time that any court in Haryana has penalized a Khap Panchayat.

In another news on 25November, 2009 The International Jat Intellectual Meet calls for drive against honour killings. I seriously doubt the goodwill intentions of these decisions as this can be just to show the world that we are concerned about humanity/mankind while celebrating International Human Rights Day.

Nothing happens to people like Mahendra Singh Tikait, farmer leader in western Uttar Pradesh when speaking on behalf of Khap Panchayats he makes comments like only whores chose their own partners. Why no action was taken against him, who degraded the whole of women society?

Denying Constitution, Implementing Manusmriti

Article 13(1) and 13(2) of Constitution deals with the Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of the fundamental rights and it is clearly written under Article 13(1) All laws in force in the territory of India immediately before the commencement of this Constitution, in so far as they are inconsistent with the provisions of this Part, shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.  and

Article 13(3a) law includes any Ordinance, order, bye-law, rule, regulation, notification, custom or usage having in the territory of India the force of law.

Though everything is written so plainly in the Constitution of India about the equal rights for everyone, irrespective of religion, caste, color, creed, etc; even today after 60 years of Independence, Khap Panchayat are greatly influential and are capable of petrifying people in the northern region. By keeping Khap Panchayats alive aren’t Governments trying to make Manu smile?

On The Part of Governments and Dalits

Much has been written and said about the issue of Khap Panchayats by intellectuals and academicians but there has always been a lack of any initiative to dissolve Khap Panchayats or call them illegal on the part of the Government. Not even a single leader has ever stood against, instead many local leaders of congress and other parties have glorified acts of Khap Panchayat this cruel system, which may be because of Governments own petty political reasons.

Another thing, why all these killings are clubbed together in the list of murders, if we can have separate laws for Sati and Dowry then why can’t we have separate special laws to handle crimes by Khap Panchayats?

Lack of representation of Dalits in police and print media is also a severe problem. Further, serious issue is of divisions among Dalits and lack of able Dalit leadership in the region, people in the name of Dr Ambedkar are fighting to prove that they are real Karva Pullers of Dr Ambedkar, but reality lies somewhere else!

There is a strong need of active participation of everyone including NGOs, police, Panchayat bodies and serious/strong laws (not merely paper tigers!) against the crimes of Khap Panchayat.

P.S.: I am grateful to Advocate Dr S L Virdi, being my source of inspiration, encouragement and whose article on the same issue published in Punjabi magazine Begampura Saher was helpful for fulfilling my quest.

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