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I’ve been getting emails asking me to give a brief information about myself. Okay, here I am. My name is Pardeep and I am 29 years old untouchable guy from Punjab (India). I dream about Begumpura of Sri Guru Ravidas Ji and Utopia of Dr B. R. Ambedkar, i.e. are these achievable? I want to see caste free society in my lifetime and start my own business! By profession, I am an engineer and I also dreams about writing a book one day! Here at this blog, I document my random thoughts and ideas. You are welcome to comment or correct me (yes, I am in the learning phase of ‘how to write’). I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards my parents, who believed in me; my brothers, who always supported me; my friends especially Vaibhav, who supported me blindly and thinks I’m Harry Potter!; Mukesh, who thinks I’m his ideal, Dr. S.L. Virdi, my guide and source of inspiration since childhood; Derdak Tibor, who thinks I’m ahead of my age and many more who always inspired me to write no matter how terribly I wrote. I’m also thankful to all those friends whom I don’t know personally but who are spreading the word about this blog and are continuously thriving for equality. ‘Dalit History’ section is possible because of the efforts by Pravin Khobragade. Thanks a ton!

In any case one can contact me at contact@drambedkarbooks.com or at drbrambedkarbooks@gmail.com 

About me, my views, this website and Ambedkar Caravan site have been covered by various major websites, newspapers and TV channels such as Round Table India, Times of India, The Hindu, NDTV, The Quint, The Indian Express and Al Jazeera etc.

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“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason & your own common sense.” — Buddha 


111 responses to “About Me

  1. Thank you Pradeep for letting us know about your identity, and I have been reading your posts since long, those are really nice and I like them most. I would like to be like you first.
    however i would like to know more about if you don’t mind.


  2. good evening sir……..this is Bose from Andhra…..I want you to ” life of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar in Telugu language”, I am unable to getting history of ambedkar in telugu language……
    please sent me sir…….related to history of ambedkar in telugu language..please…


  3. prashant

    thank you very much for link for all in one book
    you are doing great work, keep it up.


  4. Sunil Sunatkar

    Thanks for this community for share this buddhism.


  5. wonder brother,amazing, appreciable, keep it up brother, i am from tamilnadu,chennai resident i am reading all your comprehensive and eyeopening views,wish u all success, can u give me the details of getting english version of dr br ambedkar movie thank Q

    best regards





  7. Milind Pandit

    Simply amazing to know! Age doesn’t matter; and what really matters is the spirit, ambition and inspiration. Dr Ambedkar’s thoughts produce the unquenchable flame of intellect that offers the rational nutrition and energy. I’m never surprised to see an ardent-cum-genuine Ambedkarite express himself or herself emphatically and rhetorically because it is but natural for them. Moreover, I DO appreciate your way of bringing the crux of matter to light. I have also been doing the similar job by way of addressing the state, national and international level daises. I could see the authentic and sincere passion of your expression; nominal identity does not count in certain cases. What counts really is the sense of conviction. It’s always better to concretize one’s ideas and thoughts in the form of letters. Because whatever lenght we speak at gets faded away in course of time. I am made to feel sure that you would bring out such a book that will generate inspiration, cerebral vigour and desire-to-know-Ambedkar in every sense among the budding scholars. All we need is but commitment and unity. In case you come across any requirement, whether linguistic, evidential or so, see if can be a useful source.

    I appreciate your endeavour and let me be a bit liberal to assert that the northerns, Punjabis and Uttarpradeshis in particular, have been the people deserving every word of appreciation so far as transnational propagation of Ambedkarism is concerned. The Maharashtrians MUST take a leaf out of their book should they want to name themselves Ambedkarite in the term’s true sense. I’m a Maharashtrian who have seen my fellow state-people limit Ambedkarism within the radius of the state. Though Dr Ambedkar was born herein, his pricelessness has ever been realised outside, certainly more than happens to be the case of Maharashtra. I would for sure make an exception.

    It’s said: the engineer creates the world; it would be my ecstasy to see you create a world of Ambedkarism. I wish you all success!


    • Thank you “Milind Pandit” for so many nice words and for inspiring me! I also do believe that Buddhists from Maharashtra must come out and spread the words for Dr Ambedkar to the rest of the states or so. When I see Buddhists from Maharashtra confining themselves to Maharashtra only, it makes me sad.

      Thank you once again for kind words.


  8. shekhar Ohal

    Gr888888888 work brother………..


  9. sweety

    even I wish to see caste free society in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it happens only if all indians join hands together


  10. Praveen Wankhede

    wonder kid…you are simply amazing. You ecoed all my thoughts and more….keep it up buddy…would like to know you more…you can drop me your details on : proven_w@rediffmail.com. And a BIG THANK YOU …for taking time out and giving a comprehensive and eyeopening view, substantiated by facts…


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