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[Video] Police brutality at University of Hyderabad #JusticeForRohith

Vice Chancellor of Hyderabad, Appa Rao, who is responsible for the death of Rohith Vemula again joined the university as VC and when students were protesting this and were demanding justice for Rohith, Police did beat students at University of Hyderabad! Such a shameful act.

Manu Smriti Irani, your ‘children’ have been attacked by police and are without food, water and electricity at Hyderabad university.

Which mother will let her children without food?




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Institutional murder of Dalit engineering student Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar (21) was studying second year B.E civil engineering in St.Joseph college of engineering, Pennalur village, Kanchipuram dist. He was the youngest son of Gnanamani (56) a daily wage laborer from Allur village, Sethiyathopu post, Cuddalore district. Ajith was staying in the St.Zavier men’s hostel inside the college campus. He was 200 kms away near Chennai from his native village.

1930423_10207805216480687_7152449444912643804_nOn 1.3.16 Ajith’s father Gnanamani received a phone call from the college management who complained about his son and asked him to take his son from the college. The next day Gnanamani visited the college along with his elder son Gunasekaran. The college management comprising the principal and two college administrators discussed the issue with them and asked to take Ajith out of college or pay a fine of Rs.5000. Initially Gnanamani protested that an investigation shouldn’t be done without his son present in the room. Later he accepted to pay the fine and asked for a week’s time since he couldn’t get the money immediately.

On the same day Gnanamani met his son Ajith in the hostel and enquired the complaint on him. Ajith informed that he haven’t done anything wrong and punished just for questioning the quality of food in hostel mess with the management. The father advised his son that these issues with food are normal in hostels and he need to adapt to them.

After few days Gnanamani received a call from his son Ajith, who said that he is afraid and the college management mainly administrator Fr. Jude are abusing him verbally in the classroom. Fr. Jude told Ajith ‘You Paraiyars are useless. You dogs are studying free of cost. Even if you get free education you still complain about rice and sambar? You should get lost and die’. Gnanamani asked his son to come home and he too responded positively. This whole abuse happened in front of the students inside the classroom and it was happening daily since his father visited the college. Fr. Jude is said to be always inspecting the hostel rooms, beating the students with mobile or laptop charger during those visits, abuse students verbally in classrooms and hostels.

On Feb 10 Vinoth Kumar, a computer science student was suspended by the college management. Vinoth was dragged out of the hostel and beaten up by Fr. Jude before sending him out for suspension. The other students were concerned and tried to report these violent behavior of Fr. Jude to the principal. When Fr. Jude found them standing outside principal’s office they were immediately suspended for 15 days. Ajith Kumar was one among the nine got suspended. Everyone was thrown out of the college & hostel. Ajith spent his suspension at home and came back. Initially he was denied entry into hostel and the casteist abuses started from that time.

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Research Shows Caste Discrimination in Indian Private Sector

Discrimination on the basis of caste endures in the formal labor market of contemporary India, according to Paul Attewell of the City University of New York Graduate Center and Katherine S. Newman of the Johns Hopkins University Department of Sociology.

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Speaking at the Institute this month, Attewell and Newman outlined three of four discrimination studies collaboratively undertaken by Princeton University and the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies: a field experiment based in employer-employee correspondence, a study focusing on employer attitudes toward caste, and a prospective cohort study of lower-caste university graduates in elite institutions.

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The origin of the overarching project, Attewell said, lies in the recent debate in Indian English-language press over extending the reservation system currently operating in India into the country’s private sector. The Indian reservation system allots a percentage of public sector jobs and places in higher educational institutions to minority applicants, including those of religious minorities and Dalits, a group traditionally regarded to be of low caste. Representatives of the private sector expressed overwhelming opposition to the possibility of extending reservation, citing an ostensible lack of evidence of discrimination against Dalits in the modern private sector, Attewell said.

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In order to correct the “dearth of research [speaking] to these issues,” the project employed a series of empirical techniques developed by social scientists in the US to investigate “enduring discrimination against African Americans,” Attewell said. The studies aimed to determine whether modern inequalities are “based on caste or community leftovers from the past,” whether these inequalities are “reflections of low education or working in an economically ‘backward’ sector,” and whether discrimination continues to take place “even in the most modern, dynamic sectors of the Indian economy.”

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pablo (1)

The field experiment focused on the correspondence between job applicants and prospective employers in the modern private sector, including both Indian and multinational corporations. Only first-stage discrimination was taken into account: whether or not applicants received an interview invitation.

Report Caste Discrimination – Facing Caste Discrimination at an Education Institution? Now, report online at www.castediscrimination.com

Researchers submitted multiple sets of fabricated resumes by mail in response to job advertisements aimed at recent university graduates. All fictitious candidates shared strong credentials and differed only in names, which were “recognizably affiliated by caste or religion,” Attewell said. Three groups of candidates were set up: those with names associated with a high caste, those with typically Dalit names, and those with typically Muslim names.

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Researchers found a clear statistical pattern, according to Attewell. Applicants with names associated with a low-caste background faced odds of a positive outcome only 0.67 as large as those for an application with a typically high-caste name. Muslim applicants were at an even greater disadvantage, with odds of a positive outcome only 0.33 as large as those for a high-caste name applicant. These findings clearly imply that discrimination against applicants based on name association occurs even in the very first stage of the job search. “Social exclusion is not a residue of the past; it is alive and well even in modern, high-tech India,” Attewell said.

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Caste Discrimination at UGC

The University Grants Commission annually allots only 11 per cent of the total money it gets under the SC and ST sub plans on scholarships and fellowships, which directly benefits the students of these marginalised communities.

As per a reply given by UGC to a RTI query, it spent only Rs 107.86 crore for scholarships and fellowships out of the Rs 1047.33 crore in the SC sub-plan in 2012-13 and Rs 35.56 crore of the allotted Rs 507.20 crore of the Tribal sub-plan.

In the preceding year it spent Rs 87.86 crore of Rs 814.50 crore on scholarships and fellowships in the SC sub-plan and Rs 33.53 crore out of Rs 400.61 crore in the Tribal-sub plan.

A major chunk of the total money, around 60 per cent, was spent on building “capital assets” which are not specifically beneficial for SC or ST students, like construction of hostels or buying computers.

Caste at UGC

For this reason the UGC has come under fire from Dalit rights organizations.

Mr Paul Divakar, general secretary of National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, which filed the RTI said, “This is not an issue which pertains just to the UGC. Ineffective spending and diversion of funds meant for SC and ST development exists in many well known institutions like the IITs, IIMs and ICSSR. This is just another form of discrimination. We have complained about the UGC problem to the minister of HRD, Ms Smriti Irani and head of other government bodies, but to no avail. We are planning to approach the courts now.”

When contacted, former UGC chairman Mr Sukhdeo Thorat said, “The allocation of money should be increased for fellowships because it helps the students directly and will result in more Dalit scholars pursuing research. What is the point of allocating money meant under the sub-plans if students do not benefit from it directly?”

Source – Deccan Chronicle


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Facing Caste Discrimination at an Education Institution? Now, report online at www.castediscrimination.com

A much needed website (www.castediscrimination.com) has been launched by Dalits to record and highlight caste discrimination at educational institutions with the tagline of

Exposing Brahminism One Post at Time


One doesn’t need to stay silent now on the discrimination one is facing at the educational spaces. This website is one of its kind where one can report the caste discrimination. The website is another step toward raising voice against injustice and establishing equality in the society. Website’s aim and motto is –

…is an attempt to get real-time data of present and past instances of structural caste discrimination in higher education. Our hope is to track data that the Indian government has been lax in collecting but also to change the narrative from pathologizing Dalit Bahujan students to understanding how caste apartheid operates on our campuses.

One can report the caste discrimination by sending email to castediscrimination@gmail.com or by simply filling the form on the website.  The website was launched yesterday and many people have started reporting the caste discrimination happening at the colleges.

Every new website, photo, article or anything that challenges the Brahminical hegemony is important for us and should be spread as much as possible. Please share this website with others so that no other Rohith faces discrimination in the hands of casteist people.

Don’t be silent and report the caste discrimination!

Here are a few more screen-shots of the website.


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Caste at College

Only seven out of every 100 hundred teachers in colleges and universities across the country were from the Scheduled Castes last year. Those from the Scheduled Tribes were even worse off, numbering only 2 per cent.

According to the report released last month, only 1.02 lakh – or 7.22 per cent – of the 14.1 lakh teachers in 716 universities and 38,056 colleges in the country were Dalits, while tribal communities accounted for just 30,000 or 2.12 per cent.

The faculty figures fall far short of the national population of Scheduled Castes (16.6 per cent) and Scheduled Tribes (8.6 per cent).

In Bengal, the percentage of SC/ST teachers, according to the All India Survey on Higher Education Provisional Report for 2014-15, was even less – 6.27 per cent Dalit and 0.93 per cent from the Scheduled Tribes.


Delhi University executive council member Abha Dev Habib said that of the 813 faculty members, only 63 (7.7 per cent) were Dalits and 24 (less than 3 per cent) were from tribal groups. “Our teacher association has written to the HRD ministry and the UGC about non-implementation of reservation in DU. But no action has been taken,”

Sources in the human resource development ministry confirmed that none among the 43 central universities in the country had a Dalit vice-chancellor. Only one – the Indira Gandhi National Tribal University in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh – had a VC from an ST community, Professor T.V. Kattimani.

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Source – Telegraphindia

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[Photos] Mumbai stands up for #JusticeForRohith

Mumbai stands up for #JusticeForRohith on 1st February 2016. Few photos from the protest.

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Modi and BJP want Dalits to ‘suffer silently’

Few days back AAP wanted Dalits to be REFORMED, today BJP wants Dalits to suffer silently! Both upper castes casteist parties. When Dalits start asserting for rights, it becomes CRYING for so called upper castes! Today, Modi Murdabad slogans were raised at Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow when PM began addressing students. And then Modi advised Dalits to suffer silently!

Modi, BJP, RSS, VHP want Dalits to remain silent and suffer in their hands. Dalits should stop studying and start serving your Brahmin lords then only Brahmin lords will be happy! But let me remind these casteist people that we will fight and we will write against the injustice, you can’t stop our pens.

Suffer silently and suffer with dignity that’s what the message of our KillerOfMuslims-RSSParcharkar-OBC-Dalit-Who-Knows-What PM is!


Modi at Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow – Mother India has lost a son. Yes, mother India has lost a son, a Dalit. Can Mr. PM punish his ministers for Rohith’s murder?

Let’s check some other facts –

Modi’s ministers – Rohith was not Dalit.
Modi’s minsters forced him to suicide.
Modi’s ministers – Rohith was terrorist sympathizer.
Modi’s ministers – He was anti-national.
Modi’s supporters – Rohith was Jihadi communist dog, Not even a Dalit.

Then Modi advised Dalits to suffer silently, don’t dare to raise voice against injustice!

Shame on such a PM!


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