Other Important Books

Books on Dr Ambedkar and Buddha  in Marathi language for free download:


Three Hundred Ramayanas – By A K Ramanujan

Majhi Aatmakatha Photo As Art Paper- 10 th edition

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s Biography in Marathi

Reservation In India

Jotirao Phule: Shetkaryaca Asud: translation

Clause wise Discussion on the Draft Constitution

Behan Mayawati’s Profile

Brahmin and Brahminism

Caste Discrimination & Private Sector

Hidden Apartheid – Caste Discrimination

Real face of Gandhi

Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine

India @ 2020

Jan Gan Man

Satyamev Jayte

Aisa chahun raj mein – Guru Raidas

4 Reasons Nepal’s Revolution Matters

Sachar Report

Truths about holy Geeta

Gandhi Unmasked

Caste, Class and Social Articulation in Andhra Pradesh

The Great Job Robbery – Rs 2100 Crore NREGS Scam

Thoo Brahminwad

Moments in a History of Reservations

Khairlanji and Its Aftermath: Exploding Some Myths

Indian Caste Origins: Genomic Insights and Future Outlook

Caste Discrimination and the Private Sector

Crisis of Dalit Politics in India 1945-47

Degrees without Freedom

Reforms with a Dalit Face?

The Political and the Social in the Dalit Movement Today

Caste and Economic Discrimination: Causes, Consequences and Remedies

Beyond Belief

Collected Essays



71 responses to “Other Important Books

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  4. srujan



  5. katkar uday s

    Really invaluable books. Could you please keep on publishing more and more books? Wish you Best Luck for this incrdible job. Thank you.


  6. charan

    this book is best for original information.


  7. pankaj karnwal

    sir ye boooks purchase ho sakti hai kya



    Dear Pradeep,

    This site is very useful for everybody.Maharashtra government is neglecting Dr. BR Ambedkar and Mahatma Fule etc.,books publishing.My self went manytimes,nothing available in Mh.Govt.press at Marinelines. It is very crucial time dalit elite is strated reading of all books. Manuwadi peopole are creating hurdle this process. if every book is available ii online one is mind to it get it even whatever cost. I appriciate everybody who are contributed in this work.Let us hope every one may utilise this opertunity. Once again I congratulate to you all.

    Shanmukha Rao


    • Pardeep

      JaiBHIM friend,

      It’s true we should utilize every opportunity to liberate ourselves & hence our society. Books are best way to get knowledge about our society.


      • Vikram Buddhist

        @ Pardeep Attri Sir ,

        GR8 job Sir ,

        Really you are doing a gr8 job , i am benefitted a lot by reading these books ,

        Hope you will keep publishing Many other useful books …..

        Once Again thnx a lot for all these books …

        JAI BHIM !


      • Vikram

        Jai Bhim ! Sir , I want to make one request , is there any possibility that these books and complete literature of Babasaheb can be translated to Hindi . Because English is not the lang. which can be understood by most of the Bahujans . So , it will be gr8 if all these books can be translated to Hindi , it will accelerate the awareness and knowledge among the Bahujans about there History and about the literature of Babasaheb . So , once if it is done , more and more of our people will understand what’s wrong and what’s good , and only then they/we can be united too (after being educated). So , I thing there is a urgent need that all the literature being provided in Hindi , if we want the Revolution to happen at the Mass Scale .

        Keep it up Sir …….

        with regards

        Vikram Buddhist (VB)


      • Vijay Nag

        Hi Pardeep,
        Links for Books like, Real face of Gandhi, Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine, etc. where do we find them.
        Jai Bhim


    • DhananjayAditya

      All literature of “Shahir Annabhau Sathe” is available in a compiled big book at MS Govt. Press at Marine Lines, at cheaper cost. Plz grab it at earliest.


      • Prof.Mansu Masram

        Jai Bhim Dhananjay Aditya Saheb! Thank you for kind information about availability of book on Sahid Annabhau Sathe by MS Govt.Press.
        ….Prof.mansu masram Betul M.P.


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