LL.D. Degree Certificate of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar from Columbia University

Have a look at LL.D. Degree Certificate of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar from Columbia University

Also check –  D. Litt. Degree Certificate of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar from Osmania University.

A Humble Request:

If you have any important information, documents or news related to Dalit-Bahujans, Dr. Ambedkar, Buddha and Buddhism please send it to drbrambedkarbooks@gmail.com I will be more than happy to share that information with rest of my readers. I’ve seen many people hiding important information from the masses. It’s my humble request, please don’t hide the information and share with everyone, so that everyone gets a chance to learn and enlightened!!

Thank You.



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16 responses to “LL.D. Degree Certificate of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar from Columbia University

  1. When I compared word-by-word, character-by-character, I found there are good amount of spelling and grammatical mistakes in the soft copy. Currently I am correcting those in my free time.

    Just published a correct version of ‘Annihilation of Caste’ at http://ambedkar.navayan.com/book/annihilation-of-caste-part-2/

    You can find a note at the end, where I have given an example of mistakes.

    I will be publishing all the books and speeches (with all corrections) of Modern Buddha Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.


  2. Shrikant Gulab Deogade

    Feeling very greatfull and proud on seeing such a vital document of ‘Babasaheb’.
    Thanks Mr.Pradip


  3. Thank you sir, for your efforts in finding such an important document and post it here.
    Jai Bhim


  4. mahendra

    Always grateful to you sir..thanks


  5. samiran kamble

    thanks pradip sir for this valuable dacument


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  7. Rohidas

    …..this is a unique document u have orocured and published .The Ambedkarites are grateful to u for the pain taken in making available this piece.It will encourage the modern generation undoubtedly. thanks and keep it up.


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  9. Sakya Mohan

    This is really a wonderful contribution. Please keep it up. I will also try to link some scholars and researchers to this site.

    Sakya Mohan


  10. Chakradhar

    Thanks Pradeep. I noted the contents and email ID. I agree with you that people (few exception) do hide vital information to share/pass on to others free of charge. I had also paid Rs 2500 to the creator of 56 books, for he had made compulsion to buy 5 CDs@Rs 500/-. 1 No. CD@ Rs500/- was not considered. I dont know why he had put such an exorbitant/absurd condition for his material, which our common people wont be able to buy it, along with vendors also during 1999-2000. Anyway due to the material was so rare which was newly created with his prolong Herculean efforts, for he deserved honor and reverence from our Dalit/Bahujan masses. Entire Bahujans are indebted for his praiseworthy act. I think he had opted “Professional” stand for his material. Next edition of the CD he brought out without the 56 books. He gave instruction on the cover itself that those who want to read 56 books, visit website with some fee against it. But I spoiled his motive, irrespective of his high profile-prone personality and hitherto dazzled with image of eminent writer/thinker/dignitary etc.i.e. I made wide publicity since then, ie. since 1999 (12 years). The CD which contains only 56 books exclusively is available stalls of Chitybhoomi and Dixabhoomi. As a result thousands (may be lakhs) of people possess this data CD by now. and millions or people have been reading online by visiting your website, for I am really have no words to express, I indeed overwhelmed to visit your website. I have compiled all major movies of Dr. Ambedkar in my portable Hard Dish 320 GB. i.e. Dr. Ambedkar (Mamooti), Bhim Garjanaa (famous Hindi movie 1970, Some people say this movie is better than MammootI movie), Angulimala, and Tisari Ajaadi. Also many good script article’s files are also added. The same shall be accommodated in DVD 4.5 GB. I come to know recently that 16GB and 20GB blank CD are available in market @ Rs 20/- to Rs 25/-. This shall be boon to person like you and me. Mr. Amol Nirmala Waman Software Engineer from Pune has also accommodated the 56 books to whom I had provided my data CD (Mini-Encyclopedia of Dr. Ambedkar) free of cost. I requested him to add my and creator’s name on his website.
    C.C. Hadke


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