No Home for Dalits and Muslims!

Discrimination against Dalits in India is not new, Hindu caste system has been in practice since thousands of years. Dalits are discriminated in jobs, schools, colleges, etc. At each and every place one goes, one can find signs of caste discrimination. This is real India, in which people practice discrimination in day to day life. Caste discrimination has embedded in people’s mind to such an extent that for people it has become addiction and disease that can’t be cured. So, welcome to real India.

[Tweet “Welcome to India – where Dalit kids are forced to play in separate play grounds.”]

Welcome to India – where job openings come with – ‘Dalits need not to apply’.

Welcome to India – where Dalits, Muslims can’t buy flats in a colony and ads come with – ‘only for Brahmins’.

Read the complete article about how Dalits face discrimination on daily basis from  Welcome to the real India!

In the latest reports where homes for Dalits were denied in NCR, Delhi regions. A team of researchers, led by Prof S K Thorat, chairman of the Indian Council of Social Science Research, and comprising scholars such as Anuradha Banerjee, Vinod K Mishra and Firdaus Rizvi, covered attempts to get houses on rent in Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Noida between January and March 2012.


No Home for Dalits and Muslims!

The methodologies included contacting the “home-providers” via telephone or meeting them face to face. In both the methodologies, the home-seekers had the same credentials but for their names that indicated their caste and religion. The telephonic audit had a total of 1,469 home-seekers, 493 each bearing upper-caste Hindu, Dalits and Muslim names. While not one of the 493 high-caste home-seekers received a negative response, about 18 per cent of Dalits and 31 per cent of Muslims faced outright rejection, found the study. Together those receiving either a negative response or a positive one with conditions attached worked out to 41 per cent in the case of Dalits, and around 66 per cent for Muslims.

The face-to-face audit covered 198 home-seekers, with 66 high-caste Hindus, Dalits and Muslims each. While 97 per cent of upper-caste Hindus got a positive response, 44 per cent of Dalits and 61 per cent of Muslims faced rejection. Together those receiving either a negative response or a positive one with conditions attached worked out to 51 per cent in the case of Dalits, and 71 per cent for Muslims.

In other words, the chances of Dalits and Muslims finding a house fell in the case of face-to-face contact. It also means that a significant number of Dalits and Muslims have to spend much more to stay in accommodations in NCR than their upper-caste counterparts.

Source – Indian Express


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