On 26th June, ‘Broken Lives’ – Slavery in India, an exhibition in Liverpool, UK

International Slavery Museum turns attention to India

The ‘Broken Lives’ exhibition, opening at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool on 26 June, provides a window into the experiences of Dalits and others who are being exploited and abused through modern slavery in India. Visitors are invited to discover their stories of hardship, survival and hope for broken lives mended. As well as highlighting the issues, ‘Broken Lives’ also celebrates Indian heroes who are tackling the exploitation and abuse.

Visitors are given the opportunity to explore…

  • The brick kiln – to see how poverty, illness and natural disasters can lead to debt slavery.
  • The cotton mills – to see how women and young girls are exploited in the garment industry to produce clothes destined for sale in the UK and the rest of Europe.
  • The dedication ceremony – to discover how and why some Dalit girls are forced into a lifetime of ritual sex slavery and abuse.

The exhibition includes moving photography, film and case studies, but more importantly, visitors find out how they can make a difference. Broken Lives runs until April next year, and linked events are planned on various Saturdays throughout.

Read more at here.


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