Upcoming Movie: “Shudra – The Rising?”

Now you can watch this movie from here.

I believe till now everyone might have heard about the upcoming movie on Dalits of India, i.e. “Shudra – The Rising?” In case you have missed the news, here is the news! Movie is produced and directed by Sanjiv Jaiswal and movie will be of 120minutes. We all know we can’t express the pain and suffering of Dalits in 2hours movie but still I believe it’s an ideal runtime for a movie and it will be advantageous.

Movie: “Shudra- The Rising?” Poster

A bit of storyline:

Movie is based on story of 250million people born as untouchables (and today’s Dalits) in Hindu caste system and subjected to humiliation and slavery since ancient times. When aryans came to India with the intention of looting, they enslaved the peace loving natives. Manu – Hindu guru – imposed laws on untouchables and barred them from reading, writing and listening holy mantras. Natives were treated less than human, impure, unclean and were forced to do menial jobs.

In the movie you will see, Shudra denied water, (Dalits still fight for such rights) a Shudra child’s nose chopped off for chanting mantras, (Dalits are still not allowed to enter many temples in India), a pregnant Shudra women forced to sleep with upper caste people (Dalit women still are raped on Day to day basis in India) and many more heart touching scenes – the only crime of theirs – they are born untouchables.  Movie seems to be based on real events, if not real I bet, you might have heard such incidents once in a while in your life-time. It is believed that nature took ages to make man out of animal, but it took moments for certain men to make their fellow human animal again. “Shudra – The Rising?” highlights the depth that evil human mind can succumb, to cling on to power and supremacy.

Recently, the “Shudra – The Rising?” team has received screening Invitation for “Shudra – The Rising?” from South Asian Film Festival which will take place June 13-17, 2012, in Vancouver, and in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

My best wishes to the team

I strongly believe that movies on social issues should be made and given more emphasis. Sanjiv Jaiswal has chosen an important issue of caste discrimination, which has ruined millions lives and hopes. After watching trailers of movie, I can say that it’s a sincere effort by the team to put forward the caravan of Dr Ambedkar. I wish the team a grand success!

P.S.: Movie is going to release in Feb. 2012 and you can visit the movie site at http://www.shudrathefilm.com for latest updates. You can also follow producer and director – Sanjiv Jaiswal – on twitter at @sanjivjaiswal and join the facebook page of the movie at http://www.facebook.com/pages/SHUDRA-the-rising/102558246496607

Movie trailer (in Hindi)

Movie trailer (in English)



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96 responses to “Upcoming Movie: “Shudra – The Rising?”

  1. KS

    Who gave that manu (F*** ) right to distribute the community into Varnas…All Bramhins are fake now a days ….just saying GOD GOD….and easting Non-veg outside(B*********).


  2. Harshada

    Please put this film on theaters. It is a need to undersatnd all peoples to know what sorrows our anciesters have faced and where and how we are here.


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  4. Dear Padeep,
    Shudra means today’s OBC or 4th Varna and not untouchable i.e. 5th Varna. So, it is changing meaning of words. Changing meaning of words means changing history. How is it possible that director do not know such basic thing?


    • bala

      Dear Rajesh Patil,
      Then why 5th varna comes into hindu religion concept while applying for a government job. Tell me in which varna do they belong according to the four varna concept if they come under Hindu religion but they really not belonging to that religion


      • ram mishra

        5th varna comes into Hindu religion because of
        M.K. Gandhi aka Mahatma
        DID you know NOTHING about POONA PACT.
        Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was forced to sign/agree/acknowledge that
        UNTOUCHABLES are also HINDU,
        Fearing a communal reprisal and genocide of untouchables after death of Gandhi in Fast unto death in POONA, Ambedkar agreed under massive coercion from the supporters of Gandhi.
        Gandhi’s famous PUNCH line during POONA fast was Accept “5 years(of reservation ) or my DEATH”.


        • raka

          aaj ke time me bhi jaati wad ka sabse bada karan ye kamina gandhi hi hai jisane poona pact karwaya…kaash use samay gandhi baba saheb ko blackmail na karta to dalito ki position bhot jyada achi hoti……hamara bhi apna ek alag desh hota jaha koi castrisam nahi hota……….realy me dalit hindu nahi ho sakate kyoki dalit hinduo se jyada honest aur achey hote hai……jai bheem


    • KS

      OBC are not shudras ……these ppls are those only who did Khairlanji hatyakand.


      • ritam

        OBC are not shudras ….every OBC thinking that we ARE not SUDRA WHY?…………TODAY ALSO THEY THINK LIKE THAT WHY?


        • Satyavadi

          Fourth varna means all Indian origin, they are further categorised as OPen(not upper caste),OBC, SC/ST and now days 95% of minorities. untouchables are mostly SC as sudras were divided into 65000 caste including subcaste and all others. please read Historical books One movie can not show all bitter truth of Indians


    • ram mishra

      I totally agree with Rajesh
      OBC’s are SHUDRA 4th Varna
      SC’s are UNTOUCHABLES 5th Varna


    • Vij

      I don’t know Why OBCs now Try to become SHUDRA and new concept of 5 varna system. It might be because they want reservation and still don’t want to stand with be SHUDRA. This is most ridiculous thing I ever heard 5 varna system and OBCs are SHUDRA.


    • Harmesh Lakha

      Absolutely correct Shudras were the fourth varna, todays obc’s, who constitute 52% of India population (Mandal Commission Reoprt), the sleeping people of India. They were the servants of the the varnas above them. The dalits or the untouchable, the ‘fifth varna’, the outcasted people , were the population outside the caste system have woken up. Rise up shudras.The obc are those who are not brahmins, takhurs/kshatriya or vaishas/banias.Watch out you so called high castes when shudras wakes up they will join with dalits and destroy the system which has kept them down trodden for too long. The high castes will be pushed back into the sea along with the the Brahminical/manuwadi system and only then the Indian will be truly free and free from the caste system from which the benefited but enslaved the shudra and the ati-shudras. Then we will reconstruct India according to ARCHITECT OF MODERN INDIA – DR BR AMBEDKAR. GANDHI REPRESENTS OLD INDIA AND BELIEVED IN THE OPPRESSIVE CASTE SYSTEM. HE IS THE EMBODIMENT OF MANU. The revolution has started and will gather pace as more more wake up.


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  6. DO YOU KNOW ???????

    SHUDRA THE RISING is RSS movie……plz read this on blog…www.shudramovie.blogspot.com

    jai bhim !!! jai mulnivasi !!!


  7. nishant singh

    in movie shudra ..it is shown that manu was a great rishi muni but its not true he wrote all the bloody rulrs against shudras in manusmriti … this is wrong snjeev jaiswal ji .. u hav done wrong shame on you


  8. amazing work by Sanjiv jaiswal…..the music is mesmerizing…..the sound effects are great…..true depiction of reality…..


  9. Dadasaheb Tandale

    The Revolution Has Begun !!!
    Its time not to discuss out Plight but Change it by ourselves !!!


  10. Dr. Pravin H Khobragade

    Salutes Sanjiv Jaiswal for saying the truth on the face. May his tribe grow among the film makers.


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