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1st January 1818 – The day we defeated Brahmins

Father of India, Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar has written in one of his articles (Vol.17, Part-3, Page 1 of his “Writings and Speeches”) that…- “Hundred of fighters from their community had fought on the side of the Britishers who later ungratefully dubbed them as non-military community. Since the caste Hindus used to treat them as untouchables and a despicable lot, and in the last resort they joined British forces”. However, when these untouchable castes were given opportunity by the Britishers , to prove their bravery, they repeatedly proved it within and outside the country.”

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As the incident goes: “Capt. Staunton” of the “ Bombay Regiment of the British “ army was dispatched from ‘ Sirur ‘ to hold the ‘ Poona Garrison’ against the invading ‘Peshwa’ Army led by its “ Brahmin General Gokhle.” The British army comprised of merely 500 men of “ Bombay Native Infantry “ together with 250 men of Poona irregular Horse and 2 six-pounder guns with 24 European gunners of the “Madras Artillery”.

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