Yoga Day is RSS Day in disguise

Will Yoga heal the sick mentality of RSS and BJP people? No. Will Yoga help BJP and RSS people stop hating Dalits, Muslims and other minority communities? No. Will Yoga help BJP and RSS people to concentrate on developing and improving the situation of Dalits and other minority communities? No.

[Tweet “Will RSS and BJP people after doing Yoga stop giving hate speeches? No. Nothing will change then why Yoga?”]

Yoga day started by Modi government is another trick to keep people’s attention away from the real issues. Attack on Dalits and minority community are on rise. Rapes on Dalit women are on rise, people are hungry and dying because of poverty but so called government of India is busy celebrating Yoga Day! It is not only ridiculous but shameful.

21st June Yoga

Earlier Modi government tried to keep attention of people away from real problems with Swatch Bharat, which was failure. Under the name of such schemes, Modi government is trying to hide the crimes and scams its government doing. We must be aware of such tricks and must speak against these propaganda. Millions and millions are spent on promoting and advertising Yoga Day, the money which could have been used somewhere else properly.

Many of so called Yoga Gurus are involved in rapes and other crimes, so how can people trust those people with Yoga?


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