Dr B R Ambedkar Books

You can find more Books and information at Velivada

All books in Single PDF at Selected work of Dr B R Ambedkar in PDF

Individual book in pdf at [PDF] Writings & Sppeches of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Or click at https://drambedkarbooks.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/selected-work-of-dr-b-r-ambedkar.pdf

15 Books that every Dalit must read


Download The Buddha and His Dhamma book in Hindi, Marathi and English

Books in Word Format

Administration and finance of the east india company

Ancient Indian Commerce

Annihilation Of Caste

Buddha Or Karl Marx

Buddha And His Dhamma

Castes In India

Commercial Relations of India in the Middle Ages

Communal Deadlock And a Way to Solve it

Essays on Untouchables and Untouchability 1

Essays on Untouchables and Untouchability 2

Essays on Untouchables and Untouchability 3

Evidence Brfore The Royal Comission On Indian Currency And Finance

Federation versus Freedom


India and The Pre-requisites of Communism

India on the eve of the crown government

Lectures on the English Constitution

Maharashtra as a Linguistic Province

Manu and the Shudras

Mr. Russell And The Reconstruction of Society

Mr. Gandhi And The Emancipation Of The Untouchables

Need for Checks and Balances

Notes on Acts and Laws

Notes on History of India

Notes on Parliamentary Procedure

Pakistan or the Partition of India

Paramountcy and the claim of the Indian states to be independent

Philosophy of Hinduism

Plea to the Foreigner

Preservation of Social Order

Ranade Gandhi & Jinnah

Review : Currency & Exchange

Review : Report of the Taxation Inquiry Committee

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Ancient India

Riddle in Hinduism

Small Holdings in India and their Remedies

Statement of Evidence to the Royal Commission on Indian Currency

States and Minorities

The Constitution of British India

The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India

The Present Problem in Indian Currency

The Present Problem in Indian Currency 2

The Problem of Political Suppression

The Problem of the Rupee

The Untouchables and the Pax Britannica

The Untouchables Who were they and why they became Untouchables

Thoughts on Linguistic States

Untouchables or the Children of India

Waiting for a Visa

What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables

Which is Worse?

Who were the Shudras?

With the Hindus

P.S.: All the books are from http://www.ambedkar.org Credit to make all these books available in electronic format goes to Dr. Anand Teltumbde and credit to spread these e-books goes to Mr. C.C. Hadke

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691 responses to “Dr B R Ambedkar Books

  1. hi’
    Thank you for this great work.
    hope this would contribute in generating further consciousness for the dalit cause.


  2. Nilesh


    Nice work
    Can i get this books in PDF format plz rply


  3. Jagannath Pagare

    Dear Pardeep JAI BHIM

    Thanks a lot lot for this Noble work!

    With warm Regards

    Jagannath Pagare


  4. Satyapal Dahiwade

    This site is very much informative for all of us.
    Please spread it to all of ur friends for knowing the Great BABA’S Thoughts.

    Jai Bhim Jai Bharat
    Satyapal Dahiwade


  5. Sudarshan Nirbhavne

    Jai Bhim to all…

    I salute all those people who have taken tremendous effort for publishing Dr. Ambedkar’s books through website.This is a sign of a true Ambedkarite.

    Baba’s wish was we should never let his ‘Caravan’ come back under any circumstances.
    I beleive , people like u are making Big contribution in making Baba’s dream come true.

    All the best for the Future….


  6. Yam Bahadur Kisan, Nepal

    Thank you very much. We the Nepali readers are very very happy about this kind of really wonderful work.


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  9. samathain

    This is just fantastic Pardeep!!! Because of ambedkar’s controversial views on Hinduism, its very difficult to get hold of these books. Digitising them will help reach many educated dalits.

    I really appreciate your efforts !!! Good work. You have made an important contribution towards dalit upliftment. Make sure you have a backup of everything uploaded here. Use some spider to do period backup.

    Cheers !!!


    • Pardeep

      Thank you. I do have backup CDs of all the videos & documents. Lets get united via internet as it give us more opportunities.


  10. sushil pimple

    Good work done Pradeep!
    Really appreciate your efforts for this. The 14th April is tomorrow and the celebrations are ON!!!
    This is the first time I am visiting this site and will definately read few books which I should have done much earlier… I think this is one of the best ways to get closer the ‘similar thinking minds’through thsi site. It will definately improve our strengths.
    Thanks a lot and I will let others knows about this unique site.



    • Pardeep

      @ Sushil

      Thanks for your time. I agree with you this internet can bring like minded people together & which further can help to build strong movement against injustice, atrocities happening to Dalit-Bahujans.
      Keep in touch & spread this site link to your friends.


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