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[Poll] Do you support government spending 500 crores on promoting Yoga?

After yesterday’s mega event on yoga and wasting public money, resources and time, government has decided to spend more than 500 crore rupees on promoting the yoga. As I wrote already that yoga is nothing RSS agenda to promote hindutav under the name of yoga.

The money that could have been easily spent on improving the health of the public and improving the education, the same money is diverted to promoting hindutav ideology. Moreover, this year, in budget there was cut in the money allocated for Dalits, it is shameful that government doesn’t have money for the development of the Dalits and minority communities but have money to spend on hindutav agendas!

[Tweet “You asked for jobs, he gave you broom. You asked for food, he gave you ‪yoga.”]

Lalu Prasad Yadav said is correctly – “Rickshaw-pullers do not need yoga. Labourers, who toil hard through the day do not need it. Farmers who sweat it out the entire day on their farms have no time for yoga. It is not needed by the poor and people of the weaker section who earn their bread through hard work.” (Indian Express)

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There is no difference between Romans, who invented pit fights, and Mr. PM, both used every method to keep people’s attention away from real issues and problems.

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Please vote and let us know in the comments what you think about the government’s move on promoting yoga and spending time, money and energy on this stuff?

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