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When Dr. Ambedkar had used ‘Dalit’ word

Many a times, friends ask whether Dr. Ambedkar had used ‘Dalit word or not? Here is a photo from Prabuddha Bharat newspaper published by Dr. Ambedkar.

Dalit word has power to unite oppressed people all around the world and we must use any term/word that unites and evokes emotions within us and brings solidarity among discriminated communities. We should be ready to use any word or term for the betterment of our community and should not fight on such issues that we should use ‘Dalit’ or ‘Bahujan’ or any such term. Let’s try to get united oppressed people and fight against the injustice!


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They Fear “You”

They fear you because you’re young, strong, learning self respect,

They fear you because you are educating yourselves – getting inspiration from Dr Ambedkar,

They fear you because of your rich history,

They fear you because you renounced religion of discrimination,

They fear you because you’re the future,

They fear you because they are losing power – gained through killing us,

They fear you because you are the generation that will be free,

Free from discrimination, freedom from all the miseries of life – a far-away dream,

They fear you because the potential you’ve to heal the past and be real,

How powerful you must be that they fear you so much,

They fear you so much that they kill you every-day, trying to curb few.

They fear you because of your resentment, retribution,

Let’s make their nights sleepless, Educate – Unite – Struggle

Let them hate you as long as they fear you,

We fear them but we don’t forget, we’re still children, we’re young,

Every day we grow older, every day we grow stronger,

And we don’t forget…

–          A poem for young “Dalit”  minds


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