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April – Dalit History Month

Did you know? April is celebrated as Dalit History Month. Those who don’t know history can’t make history. We must remember our heroes and celebrate. It’s a time to remember also the struggle and sacrifice that our forefathers made so that we can live better.


We need to find more about the “truths of our rich history”, “our role models”, “our culture”, and “realities of caste” etc. Only then we can do something better for our society.

There are many things those are kept hidden from all of us (Read here few) What I see as the purpose of hiding all these facts and great achievements of Dr Ambedkar is that it is aimed at distracting Dalit-Bahujans from the right path. And that Dalit-Bahujans don’t get inspiration from their own history and smash the upper caste hegemony. As Dr Ambedkar said, “Let the slave know that he is a slave and he’ll break the chains of slavery.”

It is a time to pay tribute to all those heroes and ideals.

Read about Dalit History from here and also join the conversation on Facebook at DALIT HISTORY MONTH

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