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Shivaji Maharaj – The Greatest Shudra Mountain Warrior

Shahaji Bhosle was a successful general who switched from Adil Shah of Bijapur to Nijam Shah of Ahmednagar to the Moghuls many times during his career in the early part of the 17th century. He kept an army of his own and at one point had declared himself to be a king. Shivaji (b. 1627 – d. 1680) was his son born by his influential wife Jijabai Nimbalkar on Feb 19, 1627 at fort Shivaneri. Shivaji had for his teacher and guides as a great man like Dadaji Kondadev.

At-mkMpjOyP1FZW6fkPL-CfEpPu5rgQeGxUe2Aczj1y0On a certain occasion Shahaji took his son to the court of the Sultan of Bijapur. Shivaji was then not even twelve years of age. Shahaji touched the ground thrice and saluted the Sultan. He asked his son to do the same thing. But Shivaji only retreated a few steps. He stood erect with his head unbent. His dazzling eyes seemed to carry with them his determination that he would not bow down to a foreign ruler. He walked back from the court with a lion-like gait and bearing. When Shivaji was 18 years old he took the oath at Rohedeshwar Temple to establish a nation of the natives which he maintained was the will of the providence . In his next 35 years he lived an epic which thrilled the imagination of his friends and foes alike. His dazzling adventures have inspired generations of young people.

Shivaji had the born leader’s magnetism and threw a spell over all who knew him, drawing the best elements of the country to his side and winning the most devoted service from his officers. His dazzling victories and ever ready smile made him the idol of his soldiers. A royal gift of judging character was one of the main causes of his success. His light cavalry, stiffened with swift-footed infantry was irresistible in the age of Aurangzeb.

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