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Now at Kolkata, RSS goons beat Dalits protesting for #JusticeForRohith

After beating Dalits who were protesting in Mumbai for Justice For Rohith, today when India is celebrating Republic Day, RSS goons once again beat Dalit students who were protesting and demanding justice for Rohith in Kolkata (report by ABP news)


RSS goons were implementing what Modi said few days back – Dalits should ‘suffer silently’. RSS goons are implementing that by attacking Dalits. On one place these Brahmin-Bania leaders are talking about following Dr. Ambedkar and implementing his ideas but on the other place the same organisations are suppressing the voices of Dalits by attacking them each and every place.

Another incident that needs everyone’s attention is, threatening a Dalit Sarpanch to kill if he hoisted a flag and it happened in shinning Gujarat! Gujarat Model?


Message is clear guys – Suffer silently or we will further make you suffer! Till when Dalits will be beaten for raising their voice against injustice?



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In Mumbai, RSS goons beat Dalits protesting for #JusticeForRohith

Some 500 protesters in Mumbai’s Dharavi protesting for justice for Rohith Vemula were beaten up by goons of RSS.  Several protesters sustained injuries including students. Around 10 protesters were admitted to hospital. We demand strict action against RSS goons.

“We were protesting peacefully when 15-20 people attacked the front lines of our rally with lathis,” said Ajmal Khan, a student at the rally, who suffered a head and chest injury. Others, he said, were injured on their head, back and hand. “There was one slogan they were shouting, saying, ‘Jai Bhim walon ko maaro’. Attack the Jai Bhim people.”

Shyam Sonar, a representative of the Republican Panthers organisation, said that 25-40 attackers tore the clothes of women and “misbehaved with them”. He, along with reportedly hundreds of others, are now holding a protest at the Dharavi police station to ensure that all the attackers were detained.


Photo Credit: Sreejith Murali via Facebook, Source – Scroll

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