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Anti-Reservation remarks by Chairman of Motilal Oswal Group. File a complaint under SC/ST Act

Mr. Motilal Oswal, chairman of Motilal Oswal Group made anti-reservation remarks on twitter. Someone please file a case against Mr Motilal Oswal under SC/ST act for this tweet. Let him have a taste his ‘talent’. So called upper castes like him can become chairman of any company because of their caste not because of ‘talent’. Following tweet was posted by Motilal Oswal, chairman of Motilal Oswal Group, and was later deleted by him.

12936525_990239784385463_8479596338097832107_nMr Motilal Oswal, representation is a constitutional right and don’t compare it with begging of brahmins who are living on begging since ages. 

Mr Motilal Oswal has written in his description at Twitter – “proud of our values and culture”, “loves to spread positivity & happiness in a negative &cynical world” and here is the example of all that. Is this the company’s proud culture where SC/ST/OBC communities are defamed? Further he has written in his description, “Hungry for knowledge” and I would suggest him to read the history of your forefathers and the history of representation in India. Also, read some good books written by some good authors not by “chaddiwalas”!

Mr Motilal Oswal for your clarification, the bridge was being built by IVRCL, which is a private company owned by Reddy brothers, means upper castes company and there is no reservation in private sector as you may know very well. So, doesn’t bridge falling show upper castes merit? And this is not the first time this upper castes company IVRCL’s construction has failed, earlier in Jharkhand also their construction had failed. So, how much talent and merit upper caste companies want to show?? Further, Mr Motilal Oswal, whole India saw your talent (of fooling people) also when company was involvement in a series of IPO irregularities in 2003-05.

Earlier, Havells Fans had shown its castiest nature and now Motilal Oswal Group. We should boycott these companies and their products and services. What is the Merit of those upper caste Brahmins who dupe our Banks worth thousands of Crores & then flee the country? Mr Motilal Oswal should be booked under SC/ST act and should be punished for hatred towards Dalits and minority communities.

Update –

Mr Motilal Oswal deleted the tweet and posted the following message. It’s too late for the Motilal Oswal Group to hide its casteist nature and casteist mindset. We must go forward and file case against him so that no one else tries to defame Dalits & other communities availing constitution rights.


All this shows the casteist mindset of private companies in India. Even if I accept that it was “forwarded sms”, does it mean he didn’t read it before forwarding? He opened twitter and pasted that “forwarded sms” but didn’t read it? Whom you are trying to fool Mr. Motilal Oswal?

How can anyone trust such a chairman of financial company who doesn’t read before forwarding the information? Wonder how Motilal Oswal Group has survived till now, oh am I forgetting “Vyapam Merit” of upper castes? Motilal Oswal Group is an investment management group and such are the chairman who don’t read information before sharing it. I would suggest investors to back out from Motilal Oswal Group or be ready to lose money in the hands of such “Vyapam Meritwalas” upper castes!


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What Merit? List of SC/ST/OBC top ranks achievers in IAS examination

As far as merit is concerned, let me enlighten you about the many SC/ST and OBC students who have achieved top ranks in the merit list. These are some of the top ranks achieved by reserved category students in the country’s toughest Civil Services Examination (CSE):

Rank 4 – OBC (IAS CSE 2005), Rank 28 – SC (IAS CSE 2005)
Rank 11 – SC (IAS CSE 2006); Rank 1 – OBC (IAS CSE 2006)
Rank 29 – ST (IAS CSE 2007), Rank 9 – SC (IAS CSE 2008)
Rank 1 – OBC (IAS CSE 2010), Rank 18, 20, 22 – SC (IAS CSE 2010)
Rank 57 – SC (IAS CSE 2011); Rank 36 – ST (IAS CSE 2012)
Rank 4, 5, 6, 7 – OBC (IAS CSE 2014); Rank 14 – SC (IFS CSE 2014)
Rank 46 – ST (IAS CSE 2014)


Source – huffingtonpost


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Anti-Reservation TV Ad by Havells Fans! File a complaint.

Recently launched TV commercial by Havells Fans is not only anti-reservation but also disrespectful to the Constitution of India, which guarantees representation of lower castes.

Havells Fans in the TV ad for representation is using words such as ‘ladder’ but has it considered how all its business is running in family? No matter their sons and daughters has ‘merit’ or ‘qualification’ but they will inherit the business, won’t you call this as ‘ladder’?  Havells Fans is afraid from that the demand of representation in private sector is emerging. Almost all the seats in private sector are filled with people with jugad and so called upper castes and these castiest organisation.

Why doesn’t Havells has guts to speak against thousands years old Hindu caste system? Doesn’t Havells want to bring ‘winds of change’ or doesn’t it want to ‘hawa badlegi’ towards caste discrimination?

Havells has just proved itself as an ignorant parasite. Just like ‘some’ of the generations of ‘privileged’ castes who exploited the untouchables & the marginalized, & amassed social, religious & economic equity that could sustain their ilk for many generations. Now, Havells is here to teach us no to avail the opportunities that could open the doors of social and economic upliftment.

“Apni hawa me hun pala, apne dum par hun khada”


Is Havells not using ‘ladder’ in terms of loans and freebies on tax exemptions from Government? Would Havells reject that? Government provided you ‘ladder’ and is still providing you ‘ladder’ through refinancing your loans so don’t tell us what is ‘ladder’ and first stop using that ‘ladder’ yourself. Post independent when Havells was founded it could flourish because of government’s supported ‘ladder’ in terms of promoting local businesses and boycotting foreign businesses.

We demand to take down this casteist commercial as we are not your Pankhas!

Please file a complaint against Havells Fans here


Check out the reality of Reservation System in India. So called upper castes are enjoying it and are fooling lower castes.


Update – On 29th March, Havells Fans did withdraw its casteist ad and posted the following message on its Facebook page.




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Casteism in Examination Halls!

This is a question from Higher Secondary Hindi exam paper which was held on March 5, 2016 in Madhya Pradesh. One of the choices offered for writing a 200 word essay is, ‘Why Caste-based reservations are harmful to the nation’.

We strongly condemn this attempt by the state Govt to brainwash students against the constitutional provision of affirmative action.

Will MP government ask questions such as why there was 100% reservation for Brahmins in Temples? Or 100% reservation for Brahmins in Temples is harmful for the nation? Or why paid seats quota is harmful for the nation?

Caste in Examination Halls

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Reservations: For whom and for what?

Written by Nijam Gara

The brewing Kapu agitation today and the recent Hardik Patel led agitation for BC (Backward Class) status for Patidars (Patels) in Gujarat has reignited passions and stirred up debates about reservations again. The word “reservation” is a very charged term and evokes strong emotions in the country. It typically refers to constitutionally guaranteed protections and preferential treatment given to historically oppressed sections of the society – dalits (Scheduled castes i.e. SCs), tribals (STs) and ‘BCs’. The idea of such reservations is to help create a modicum of equal opportunity in the overwhelmingly unequal Indian society. Anybody with a rational, historical understanding of Hindu caste system should recognize that the classes that enjoy the true ‘reservations’ are not the SCs, STs and BCs but the upper castes and the well-to-do Sudhras with thousands of years of ‘reserved’ access to land, wealth and exclusive control of every aspect of economy and Hindu society. Those hereditary rights guaranteed by Manuvadi system have assured their continued hegemony in to the 21st century.

The History of Reservation

The History of Reservation

The concepts of government, jobs and inclusivity in British India led to the idea of bringing the hitherto ignored sections in to the ‘mainstream’. Reservations to oppressed castes were subsequently first introduced in British India in the background of movements organized by Jyothirao Phule, Periyar, etc. and also espoused strongly in princely states such as Travancore and Kolhapur (Shahu Maharaja, the real Chatrapathi). The year 1933 marked a flashpoint in the history of caste-based reservations when the British government introduced the Communal Award with separate electorates for Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and more importantly, Dalits. Ambedkar supported this but the ‘father’ of the nation (Gandhi) vociferously opposed it. Eventually, Ambedkar had to concede to Gandhi’s blackmail and Dalits remained under the Hindu fold albeit with reserved seats within. Following the adoption of the constitution in post-independent India, reservations to SCs, STs were formalized. OBC reservations were haphazardly implemented later on. The 1953 Kalelkar Commission and the 1980 Mandal Commission reports came up with the suggestion of 70% and 52% reservations for OBCs respectively but the ultimate number was set at 27% in 1992 following a court verdict a few years after the nation witnessed bloody street violence with anti-reservation sentiments touching a chord with the upper caste youth. Even this 27% reservation is not rightfully implemented in several sectors with a report in 2010 showing that only 7% of civil service positions in the country were filled with OBCs. Reservations are certainly a great tool of affirmative action that have helped scores of dalit, tribal and BC families leap out of poverty. However, for every educated dalit, tribal or OBC, there appear to be a million others who don’t even make the cut to qualify for these reservations. Thus, reservations are only one mode of support and rather an imperfect means to the end goal i.e. decimation of caste structure. True social reform is only feasible with a much deeper cleansing of the Hindu society which appears almost impossible today. How many centuries of reservations can counteract the economic power that is concentrated in the upper castes today across India? How many dalit entrepreneurs will it take to match the clout enjoyed by Kamma industrialists, reddy landlords, etc, etc? Why is a Rahul Gandhi or a Brahminized Narendra Modi (does it really matter if he is theoretically a BC?) a readily acceptable PM candidate but not a Mayawathi or Lalu Yadav?

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Kejriwal and AAP – Behind the mask of divinity

Come Republic Day, Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birthday or death anniversary, all Brahmin-Baina political parties starts talking about how great Babasaheb was. These are the only 3 days when these so called upper castes leaders halfheartedly remember Babasaheb Ambedkar and that also mainly for Dalit votes.

Today, when India is celebrating Republic Day, India a Republic where Dalit and minority rights are denied on day to day basis, I believe many Brahmin-Bania leaders may have posted tweets or may have tried to remember Dr. Ambedkar halfheartedly. Kejriwal’s, Delhi CM,  got my attention for few reasons and I wanted to share with you a few things.

Here is what Mr. Kejriwal wrote, “Happy Republic Day. Lets pledge to follow and implement Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution in spirit.”


Now before I present my views lets see what minister in Kejriwal’s government was saying yesterday, i.e. a day before Republic Day.


Following is also reported by ABP news, “Our party has a clear stand from the very beginning that caste-based reservation should end gradually and it should be replaced by reservation for economically backward classes,” Kumar said.

Now, I have a few questions for Kejriwal and AAP.

  1. At one place Kejriwal is saying – lets pledge to follow and implement Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution in spirit and his minster is advocating for ending reservation for Dalits. Is this what implementing and following Babasaheb’s constitution?
  2. Does by removing reservation for Dalits, AAP wants Dalits to pick broom and clean roads and gutters again?
  3. It is well known that Kejriwal was co-founder of anti-reservation organisation – Youth for Equality, which was actually against equality! Till when Kejriwal and AAP can fool Dalits?
  4. Why Dalit’s fund in Delhi budget was reduced by 75%? Doesn’t it show your casteist mindset?
  5. After deducting funds from Dalits’ budget, Kejriwal spent Rs. 526 Crore on his party’s advertisement and to polish his image of honest man! What kind of Aam Aadmi will deduct money from Dalits’ funds and spend on his advertisement.
  6. How many Dalits are at decision making positions in AAP? AAP is simply using Dalit volunteers as free labour or to clean up the rubbish, carry loads, etc.
  7. Will AAP turn from Brahmin-Bania party to Dalit-Bahujan’s party, will it hand over decision making positions to Dalit-Bahujans?
  8. Mr. Kejriwal, how are you planning to follow Babasaheb’s constitution? By sitting on dharna? Babasaheb never sat on dharna! How Mr. Kejriwal? By being a founder of anti-reservation organization – YFE? Aren’t you ashamed?
  9. How Mr. Kejriwal? How? By allowing your idiot ministers to raise questions about reservation, which is for equality?
  10. How you are planning to implement Dr. Ambedkar’s constitution? By not having any Dalit in AAP’s decision making team? Which spirit are you talking about? You are not giving any chance to Dalits, where is the equal opportunities in AAP? Dalits don’t want to be in Brahmin-Bania parties anymore and work as servants.
  11. When anti-Dalit, anti-reservation person starts talking about following and implementing Ambedkar’s constitution, it doesn’t make any sense man!
  12. AAP can be for everyone but except Dalits and minorities. There is no place for Dalits and minorities in AAP. Accept that Mr. Kejriwal, stop fooling Dalits and minority communities.
  13. Aam Aadmi Party blamed Rohith Vemula and wanted Dalits to be REFORMED! Was he a criminal that he needed any reforms? Why Brahmin-Banias after killing Dalits, find problems with Dalits?
  14. Does these idiots of AAP even know why reservation is based on caste?
  15. Every discussion according to AAP ends with ending reservation as if it will solve the problems of Dalits. Why?
  16. When Dalits raise issue of Caste discrimination why does AAP starts talking about ending reservation? Doesn’t it show AAP is casteist?
  17. Tell me idiots of AAP – does caste discrimination ends even if any Dalit becomes rich?

Why not AAP and Kejriwal come out of the mask of divinity and tell people truth? Is AAP or Kejriwal afraid that after knowing the truth people will stop believing his casteist politics?

Vaibhav Wasnik notes, “Now this (Kumar Vishwas) Brahmin is showing his true colors. Let the complete power structures remain in the hands of brahmin bania. And they are taking about Aam Aadmi, who mostly come from the reserved Sc/St/Obc category. He should have talked this before Kejriwal went to UoH. Lets see how he would have been taken care of then. The main problem with these communities is ignorance as the knowledge production is controlled by the brahman bania who control the media and academia. These have to be completely taken over or some never brahman bania avatar as Chaan Aadmi will come up to fool the bahujans.”

Just because Brahmin-Bainas have named party Aam Aadmi Party doesn’t mean it has a place for Dalits & minorities. Don’t be fooled by the name. AAP is just a media show and master of fooling poor! They are just using Dalits and other minority communities to get power, there is no Dalit in decision making team of AAP and never will be.  We don’t need fake Dalit sympathizers  such as Modi or Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi, all they want is to use Dalits for votes but won’t give party leadership in Dalit hands. AAP is master of disguise, it has mastered in fooling Dalits and minorities especially. It works against Dalits, reject AAP.

Few more things, today those, who are saying India is a great nation, are liar. It isn’t yet a great nation but we have to make it great by giving equal rights and equal opportunities to everyone. How can we say India is great nation where Dalits and minority rights are denied, they are killed just because they are Dalits or Muslims. I would say, question all these leaders who remember Babasaheb on 3 days only and ask them where they hide themselves when Dalits & minority communities are killed or their voices are suppressed?

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Some photos on caste, reservation, cricket, religion, equality and more!

download (1) download (2) download (3) download (4) download (5) FotorCreated FotorCreated2 FotorCreated3 FotorCreated4 FotorCreated6 FotorCreated7

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24th September in Dalit History – Poona Pact

Poona Pact, Agreed to by Leaders of Caste-Hindus and of Dalits, at Poona on 24-9-1932

The following is the text of the agreement arrived at between leaders acting on behalf of the Depressed Classes and of the rest of the community, regarding the representation of the Depressed Classes in the legislatures and certain other matters affecting their welfare

1. There shall be seats reserved for the Depressed Classes out of general electorate seats in the provincial legislatures as follows: –

Madras 30; Bombay with Sind 25; Punjab 8; Bihar and Orissa 18; Central Provinces 20; Assam 7; Bengal 30; United Provinces 20. Total 148. These figures are based on the Prime Minister’s (British) decision.

2. Election to these seats shall be by joint electorates subject, however, to the following procedure –

All members of the Depressed Classes registered in the general elec- toral roll of a constituency will form an electoral college which will elect a panel of tour candidates belonging to the Deparessed Classes for each of such reserved seats by the method of the single vote and four persons getting the highest number of votes in such primary elections shall be the candidates for election by the general electorate.

3. The representation of the Depressed Classes in the Central Legislature shall likewise be on the principle of joint electorates and reserved seats by the method of primary election in the manner provided for in clause above for their representation in the provincial legislatures.

Dr. Ambedkar at the Round Table Conference

Dr. Ambedkar at the Round Table Conference


4. In the Central Legislature 18 per cent of the seats allotted to the general electorate for British India in the said legislature shall he reserved for the Depressed Classes.

5. The system of primary election to a panel of candidates for election to the Central and Provincial Legislatures as i herein-before mentioned shall come to an end after the first ten years, unless terminated sooner by mutual agreement under the provision of clause 6 below.

6. The system of representation of Depressed Classes by reserved seats in the Provincial and Central Legislatures as provided for in clauses (1) and (4) shall continue until determined otherwise by mutual agreement between the communities concerned in this settlement.

7. The Franchise for the Central and Provincial Legislatures of the Depressed Classes shall be as indicated, in the Lothian Committee Report.

8. There shall be no disabilities attached to any one on the ground of his being a member of the Depressed Classes in regard to any election to local bodies or appointment to the public services. Every endeavour shall be made to secure a fair representation of the Depressed Classes in these respects, subject to such educational qualifications as may be laid down for appointment to the Public Services.

(Adult franchise but reservation has been provided for Dalits on population basis, till 1960),

9. In every province out of the educational grant an adequate sum shall be ear-marked for providing educational facilities to the members of Depressed Classes,

Source – Ambedkar.org

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