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Dalit brothers Stone-Pelted for clearing IIT exam!

Despite cracking what is deemed one of the toughest exams in the world, or perhaps because of it, two brothers from Uttar Pradesh are battling casteist stigma in their village. Raju and Brijesh Saroj, sons of a daily wage worker Dharamraj, are among the top 500 scorers in the competitive entrance examination for the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Even though top political leaders have pledged financial support to these teenagers, they returned to their village in Rehua Lalganj, Pratapgarh, only to have stones pelted at them. Source – Huffington Post

It is such a shameful act that need to be condemned. No matter Dalits reach at the top positions they still face the caste discrimination. This is the reality of the Hindu caste system. An illiterate son of Brahmin is valued and respected more than well educated Dalit. These are the reasons that Dr. Ambedkar said, Hinduism is mental sickness and there is no hope of reform and that’s the reason that Dr. Ambedkar left Hinduism.

Dalits are discouraged to educate in India. It is shameful but true and is happening since ages. Will it change ever?

Check out from below, how Dalits are killed and discouraged from getting proper education.

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