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Marathi Books on Dr Ambedkar & Buddha (Free Download)

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Please check out few Marathi Books on Dr B R Ambedkar and Buddha from here and here.

Books are published by Vinimay Publications and are available for free download at the following links . You can also purchase hard copies of the books from the Vinimay Publications.

Boudha Pooja Path

Download Link http://www.vinimaypublications.com/download_books/08.%20Boudha%20pooja%20path.pdf

Buddhacha Mool siddhant

Download Link  http://www.vinimaypublications.com/download_books/03.%20Buddhacha%20Mool%20siddhant.pdf

Last Speech of Ambedkar

Download Link http://www.vinimaypublications.com/download_books/05.%20Last%20Speech%20of%20Ambedkar.pdf

Speech of Ramai

Download Link http://www.vinimaypublications.com/download_books/01.%20Speech%20of%20Ramai.pdf

Majhi Atmakatha

Download Link http://www.vinimaypublications.com/download_books/02.%20Majhi%20atmakatha%20pdf.pdf

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