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Prima Primissima Award nomination for Derdak Tibor (Jai Bhim Network, Hungary), please Vote and Support

UntitledI am pleased to share with all of you the great news that Derdak Tibor, Director of Jai Bhim Network, has been nominated for Prima Primissima Award under Public Education and Education category. Prima Primissima Award is prestigious award in Hungary and it is a great moment for all of us who believe in the ideology of BabaSaheb Ambedkar and especially for those who have wholehearted supported Jai Bhim Network, Hungary and its activities all these years. It shows how dedicated Jai Bhim Network team in Hungary is for the cause of social equality.

The voting for the award is open and you can vote by sending a simple text message (sms) from your mobile.

Here is how to vote –

Type on your mobile – 13

And send it to +36707077000

Simple! Sms won’t charge you much. One can send/vote sms as many times as one wants but one sms per hour only, i.e. if you want to send again please send it after one hour only. Voting is open till December 4th , 2014, so please vote as many times as you can.

It is a great opportunity for all of us to support and encourage the people behind Jai Bhim Network, Hungary so that they keep on spreading the ideology of BabaSaheb. Award money will go to Dr. Ambedkar school’s activities and recognition will help Jai Bhim Network to spread the message of BabaSaheb. Dr. Ambedkar High schools are Hungary’s largest educational institutions for Roma children. We can’t afford to turn our backs on such a successful initiative – to educated and give ‘Dalits of Europe’ a sense of pride. It is our duty to support and encourage Jai Bhim Network team so please vote and spread this message to your friends and groups.

Those who don’t know about Jai Bhim Network, here is brief about Jai Bhim Network and its activities –

Jai Bhim Network is group of people working in Hungary on the ideas of BabaSaheb Ambedkar and Lord Buddha. Since 2007, Jai Bhim Network has expanded its roots deep into the Hungarian society via opening many new Dr. Ambedkar High schools and Jai Bhim Network has purchased a new house (named White House) to teach Roma students and carry out various social functions. With the help The Corporate Body of the Buddha Education Foundation, Taipei (Taiwan) Jai Bhim Network has published a Buddhist Puja book – Telihold. Every year they celebrate BabaSaheb’s Birth anniversary and Dhamma Chakka Parivartan Din. Dr. Ambedkar High School is a kind of second chance schools, which offer the opportunity of obtaining an education in the poorest villages in Hungary, torn communities of living, especially for young Roma. With the help of Jai Bhim Network Romas are able to stand against the daily whips of village life and Network has given millions hopes to these unprivileged Romas through education and social integration program, all such measures were ignored by governments and many others. Jai Bhim Network is working and drawing inspiration from many other Buddhist religious bodies from different countries and especially Dalits of India.

In my recent visit (September, 2014) to Dr. Ambedkar High School, Sajokaza, I found that they have now amazing Buddhist Meditation Centre!

More about Jai Bhim Network, you can find at http://www.ambedkar.eu/ or http://www.jaibhim.hu/ or from my article in The Hindu newspaper at http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-sundaymagazine/article662028.ece

More information about the Prima Primissima Award at

http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prima_Primissima_d%C3%ADj (the link is in Hungarian but you can use google translator to convert it to English)

Please vote and spread the message.


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An Appeal from Sakya Hostels

An Appeal from Sakya Hostels


Visuddhaloka Welfare Association,

Manali New Town, Chennai

Greetings with love and compassion!

We are obliged for all your support to the Sakya hostels, without which it would not have been possible to turn this dream into a reality. In the year 2005, the people of Karuna Trust, UK came forward to support the Tsunami affected Dalit (Scheduled Caste) children who did not receive due attention during the relief and rehabilitation work undertaken by the NGOs and government. With Karuna Trust support through Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha Sahayaka Gana (TBMSG), Nagpur, two hostels, one for 25 boys and one for 25 girls, were started in Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu.

We, the NTI Alumni Tamil Nadu, South India, initiated Visuddhaloka and take care of these children in the Sakya hostels. We provide food, educational materials, bedding, clothes, health care, sports and cultural items. For the last several years we have received no support from Karuna or Taiwan and are managing entirely on our own. It is not easy but we are managing and the hostels are still doing well.

However we are now faced with an emergency situation which is why we are writing to you. Since the beginning, we have run the hostels in rented houses. At present, we have been informed by the house owner that he wants to sell the main building where we have been running the boys’ hostel for the last 7 years.

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Support Sakya Hostel Students

Did you know that Tsunami affected orphan Dalit children are still facing problems in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India) even after 6-7 years? We all know in the relief process at the time tsunami hit India, Dalits were sidelined by Governments and many other orthodox relief organizations.

During this time organization named “Visuddhaloka” came forward to help the helpless children – most of them Dalits and put forward the proposal of free education to the tsunami affected children in-front of donor organizations.  In 2005, Karuna Trust, UK came forward to support the children through Trilokya Boudha Maha Sahayak Sangh (TBMSG), Nagpur and since then Karuna Trust was the major contributor for the activities of Sakya Hostel.

Sakya Hostel students

Check out posters created by my friend, Ravi, and share with your friends from this following link:     https://drambedkarbooks.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/support-sakya-hostel-students-2/

At present there are 21 boys and 28 girls supported by Visuddhaloka. Children go to nearby Government schools and in the last few years some of the children after completing the schooling have joined engineering colleges/technical institutes such as three girl students have completed nursing course and joined good hospitals in Chennai, one student is doing Mechanical Engineering, two students joined diploma course in Fire & Safety and two other students joined diploma course in Petrochemical Engineering. Almost every student is doing well in their respective fields.

Since 2005, apart from education, Visuddhaloka is providing all these children with health care facilities, organizing meditation camps for students so that they can overcome traumas these students have undergone after losing their loved ones.

Sakya hostels were well supported in the beginning, as often seen in disaster situation of tsunami; many organizations come forward to provide humanitarian relief. But most of this relief was short term and lacked long term rehabilitation supports. The main remaining supporter (Karuna Trust) of Sakya hostel is also about to withdraw support as per the policy (to help start such ventures and to support them for a few years, but they then expect such ventures to find other, local, means of sustaining.)

Sakya Hostel students

Ignored by Governments, Sakya hostel students need your helping hand to achieve their dreams.

Today, Sakya hostel is facing critical situation and without external support it is a great burden on the organization to continue the hostel. The cost per child for one month is Rs. 1650/-. This amount supplies these students with food, clothing, study materials, stationeries, medicine and other essential items.

Please give wings to the dreams of Sakya hostel students, come forward and help.  Sakya Hostel students not only need money as a help, but also need an encouragement, an encouragement so that they can follow the path of struggle.

If you can’t help with money, please give encouragement. Just drop an email (at visuddhaloka@gmail.com), contact or give a phone call at following address:


(Email id. visuddhaloka@gmail.com )

(General Secretary)

Visuddhaloka Welfare Association Trust

Visuddhaloka, No:12/95 Subarmani Nagar, Manali New Town, Chennai – 600 103, TN

Mobile:  +91 9841 255 342.

(Please include me in CC while replying, my email id is drbrambedkarbooks@gmail.com)

More Information:

You can check out homepage of Sakya Hostel at http://sakyahostels.org/

Pictures of Sakya Hostel students at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sakyahostels

Visit Visuddhaloka blog at http://visuddhaloka.wordpress.com

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