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Poorer Bangladesh is better than India on Human-Development

According to the latest article by The Wall Street Journal, poorer Bangladesh is better than India in human development index, which is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and per capita income. India is even worse than Sri Lanka on Human Development Index. India and Indian governments don’t want to invest in people but want to benefit corporate world only! And in all this, Dalit-Bahujans are the one who suffer the most. Earlier this year, Indian government had cut budget for health and education and fund from Dalit’s share were also cut down to satisfy corporate world. It is such a shameful act that when people are not progressing what is the use of building big businesses, which Indian governments support?

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Few highlights from the comparison between Bangladesh and India –

  • Life expectancy in Bangladesh is better than in India.
  • Percentage of women in work-force are more in Bangladesh than in India.
  • More girls in Bangladesh are enrolled in schools than in India.

Check out the full comparison from the picture!

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India vs Bangladesh on HDI

India vs Bangladesh on HDI


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