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Communism, as it is, is a sugar coated poisonous pill. Beware! – E. V. R. Periyar

The leader of the Congress party is a Brahmin. The leader of the socialists is a Brahmin. The leader of the communists is a Brahmin. The leader of the Hindu Maha Sabha is a Brahmin. The leader of R.S.S is a Brahmin. The leader of the Trade Union is a Brahmin. The President of India is a Brahmin. They are all one in the heart of hearts.

Periyar on Congress, Brahmins

The communists have their office at a foreign place like Bombay or Delhi, they are only interested in exploiting us like the other foreign controlled parties. Janaskthi’s [CPI journal] editors are Brahmins and wherever Brahmin goes he is likely to support caste differences.

Periyar's Views on Communism and Communists

Talking Communism, without eradicating caste, is like discussing higher education without the rudiments of learning.

Periyar's views on Communism

There can be no scope for communism in a country, where there is absence of common ownership and rights. If attempts are made to bring in communism in a country, which does not have common ownership and rights, it will only give room for those who already enjoy more rights to reap the benefits of communism.

Periyar on Communists

One day or other the co-operative spirit will reign supreme making the society march on towards progress. It is not necessary that communism should be fostered for that. Without talking a word about communism, you can make the society progressive with the help of mere co-operation.

Periyar on Communism and Co-operation

All the talks on communism in our country is bogus. Our youths must keep away from such talks. What is the work they do? Their eyes are always on the leaders of the Justice Party (In 1944, Periyar transformed the Justice Party into the social organisation Dravidar Kazhagam and withdrew it from electoral politics). Their work is to criticise the Muslims and rich people. They are not worried about the evil casteism or reactionary propaganda of Gandhi. They are not worried about Rajaji (he was Brahmin Congress leader who opposed Periyar throughout life) who wants only the Brahmins to live happily. They are not worried about the Congress party that upholds the Varnasrama Dharma. They are not worried about khadhi being symbolic of barbarous age. The communists are dominated by the evil forces cited above. So I appeal to the youth to be aware of these communists. Communism here, as it is, is a sugar coated poisonous pill. Beware! (Speech delivered by Thanthai Periyar E. V. Ramasami at Trichy on 21-2-1943)

Periyar on Communism, Ganghi

Periyar on Communism, stay away from communism

Source – Veeramani, DR. K. (2014-01-30), COLLECTED WORKS OF PERIYAR E.V.R.



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8th January (1940) in Dalit History – Meeting of Dr. Ambedkar, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and E.V.R. Periyar

8th January 1940 in Dalit History –  Meeting of Dr. Ambedkar, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and E.V.R. Periyar took place at Bombay.

They discussed various issues/options such as anti-hindi agitation, Muslims, non-Brahmins and depressed classes working together, and Jinnah and Dr. Ambedkar would tour Tamil districts for a month in April or May 1940 and support the demand for Dravidanad (as announced by A. Ponnambalam). Read more from here.

8th January in Dalit History

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