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Dr. Ambedkar’s Statue vandalized in Phagwara, Punjab

A statue of Dr. B R Ambedkar was vandalized at village Palahi near in Phagwara district on Sunday. It is such a shameful act. Time and again Dalit heroes statues are vandalized but governments don’t do anything, what a shame! We must protest against such acts and raise our voice against crimes on Dalits. It was second incident in last 3 months of so in the area, what action government is taking? SAD-BJP led government in Punjab is anti-Dalit and has not done anything to improve the situation of Dalits in Punjab. We must get united and throw this government out of power and bring our own rule and then only we can fulfill the dream of Begumpura of Guru Ravidas also.

Stop Attacking Dalit Statues and Dalit Pride

Dalits look upon Dalit leaders, Dalit icons, and Dalit history everywhere. Dalit masses need a source of inspiration, someone among them with whom they can relate to. Dalits need icons among them, who had/have suffered or faced the same pain as today’s Dalits face. By relating themselves to those icons, Dalits of today can achieve higher goals. Dalits of today don’t need outsiders to inspire them: who knows a shit about Parshuram? Dalits don’t need someone with twelve arms, nine tails and six legs to inspire them. Dalits need someone real, someone who can be from Dalits only. Well dressed Dalits’ statues give people educational, political, and social ambitions. So by damaging Dalit icons’ statues, upper caste people are depriving Dalits of the source of inspiration and of pride. Don’t touch. And if anyone puts his dirty hands on Dalit pride, Dalits know better what to do!


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