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Subscribe to the “Daily Words of the Buddha”

Want to start your day with blessings of Buddha? 

Here is a very good service of daily wisdom words of Buddha to sent directly to your email launched by Pariyatti.

To subscribe Daily words of the Buddha please visit the following link  http://www.pariyatti.org/Resources/DailyWords/tabid/76/Default.aspx

After that fill your email id at the space provided and click on Subscribe. Daily a wisdom quotes of Buddha will come to your email.

You can read in Pali and English. Also you can listen!  Don’t forget to send this message to your friends and share this page on twitter/facebook.

Here is the words of the Buddha for 21th April, 2011.

Yāvajīvampi ce bālo, paṇḍitaṃ payirupāsati,
Na so dhammaṃ vijānāti
dabbī sūparasaṃ yathā.

Though all one’s life a fool associates with a wise person,
one no more comprehends the Truth
than a spoon tastes the flavor of the soup.

Dhammapada 5.64

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