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What Brahmin Merit? In Madhya Pradesh, a Dalit boy topped in class 10th

I hope everyone remembers that I had written few days back  What Brahmin Merit? In Punjab, with 98.92% marks, a Dalit girl secured 2nd position in class 10th! and What Merit? In Punjab, Class 12th, Dalit Girl got 7th position and a Muslim Girl became topper

Here is another champion from our community, who has achieved this without having much resources. Please help him if possible. In our community, we have many gems and we just need to find and inspire them to even do much better and help them to be successful in life.

If we can do inspire and help even few students, it will be great! To keep all this in mind I have also developed a community  which can be used to help students from our community.

Let me know how else we can improve and do our bit to help students who need help.

Also, if you have anything to share with us, please send us in the comments!


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