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NDTV covered Ambedkar Caravan among Dalit Camera, APSC, Dalit Nation & Dalit Solidarity UK

On 21st January 2016, Ambedkar Caravan’s website and twitter page (@Silent_Steps) was covered on NDTV prime time by Mr. Ravish. Many other twitter handles such as Dalit Camera, Dalit Dhamma, Dalit Diva, Dalit Solidarity UK, NACDAOR and APSC etc. Since then I have seen many so called upper castes coming to my twitter page and trying to ‘enlighten’ me about caste reality!

Respect and salute to all who are fighting against Brahmincal system of oppression.

Watch the full report on Digital Dalits

Watch only the report on Ambedkar Caravan website and Twitter handle @Silent_Steps below




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