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Giant Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan rebuilt with light 14 years after being destroyed

Giant Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan have been rebuilt with light 14 years after being destroyed. The two statues, built in the sixth century, were 115 and 174 feet tall and were destroyed by Taliban in 2001.

On Sunday, artists animated the Buddhas with 3D light projection technology, filling the empty cavities where the Buddhas once stood. The Atlantic reports that the $120,000 projector used for the installation was donated by a Chinese couple, Janson Yu and Liyan Hu. Yu and Hu were saddened by the destruction of the statues in 2001. Wanting to pay tribute, they requested permission from UNESCO and the Afghan government to do the project. 150 local people came out to see the unveiling of the holographic statues on Sunday, observing and playing music through the night.

Source – LionsRoar


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