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How Urban Dictionary defines ‘Feku’?

How Urban Dictionary defines ‘Feku’?

Feku UD





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Reality of Hindu Nationalists!

Golwalker advised not to fight against British and save energy to fight Muslims, Christians and Communists.

Savarkar begged for mercy and betrayed the freedom movement.

Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee acted as British spy!

and now they are issuing certificates of anti-national!



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Which party do you think is the most casteist?

Last week, I asked people on Twitter that what they think about which party is the most casteist? Here are the results. Around 500 people voted and 57% of them think BJP is the the most casteist party.

Personally, I would say all these AAP, BJP or Congress are equally casteist. There is no difference among these, they equally discriminate against Dalits and muslims.

What you guys think which party is the most casteist? Let me know in the comments.

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Aam Aadmi Party blamed Rohith Vemula, wants Dalits to be REFORMED!

Today on Twitter Aam Aadmi Party posted following update –

“This could have been avoided, Rohith could have been reformed, but they chose to ignore his letter.”


REFORMED! So, it means whosoever follows Babasaheb’s Ideology needs “reformation”! What kind of ‘reforms’ he needed? Reforms that he stops following Babasaheb? Such a sick mentality of AAP leaders! 

REFORMED? Was he a criminal who needed to be REFORMED? What is the intention of AAP to blame Rohith? All this shows the casteist mindset of AAP leaders. What about VC of UoH and ABVP and BJP leaders who killed him, what AAP has to say on that? Don’t they need to be reformed or AAP will protect them as they are also from Brahmin-Baina community?

Rohith had the problem of endearing Ambedkarism. That’s why Brahmin-Baina party – Aam Aadmi Party – is speaking about ‘REFORM’? They don’t want you to take inspiration from Babasaheb and fight against their upper caste hegemony. It hurts them since the times of Manu that Dalits should not question their superiority. Remember almost same is written in Manusmriti also. AAP is doing nothing but following Manusmriti.

Read below what Dr. Ambedkar had said almost 90 years ago and then read what Aam Aadmi Party is saying today on its twitter that Rohith needed ‘reformation’. Nothing has changed in last 90 years, mindset of so called upper castes is same. Still they think the problem is with Dalits and Dalits need to be REFORMED.

Read what Dr. Ambedkar had said –

It is usual to hear all those who feel moved by the deplorable condition of the Untouchables unburden themselves by uttering the cry, ‘We must do something for the Untouchables. One seldom hears any of the persons interested in the problem saying, Let us do something to change the Touchable Hindu. It is invariably assumed that the object to be reclaimed is the Untouchables. If there is to be a mission, it must be to the Untouchables and if the Untouchables can be cured, untouchability will vanish. Nothing requires to be done to the Touchable. He is sound in mind, manners and morals. He is whole, there is nothing wrong with him. Is this assumption correct? Whether correct or not, the Hindus like to cling to it. The assumption has the supreme merit of satisfying themselves that they are not responsible for the problem of the Untouchables. 


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Fooling Dalits, BJP and PM

He killed innocent Muslims,
He named Dalits ‘retarded’,
He projected manual scavenging as ‘spiritual experience’,
He snooped on his friend’s daughter,
He wants to hand over broom to Dalits again, #SwachhBharat
He fooled India with #AccheDin
He reduced budget for Dalits by 50%,
His party demolished Siddhartha Vihar (birthplace of Dalit Panthers)
His party doesn’t care about belongings of Dr. Ambedkar in Nagpur,
His party is shutting down facilities for Dalit students in Maharashtra,
He labeled Muslims as puppies and,
His team labeled Dalits as Dogs,
He supported #GharWapsi, killings,
He kept mum on innocents being lynched, church burning,
During his tenure, crime on Dalits increased,
He takes directions from terrorist organisations such as RSS,
He entered our kitchen and denied us our food,
He generated communal hatred, destroyed India.
what hurts the most is educated Dalits thanking him, posting his photos on facebook for inaugurating Dr. Ambedkar’s house in London as if all his sins were washed away by inaugurating Dr. Ambedkar’s house in London.
Maybe you can forget and forgive but I will never.
Justice at last!


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इस देश में नोटो वालों की सरकार बनती है, ना की वोटो वालों की.

इस देश में नोटो वालों की सरकार बनती है, ना की वोटो वालों की. यहा नोटो वालों की सरकार बनती है, उस देश में जनतंत्र नही कहा जा सकता. इस देश में जनतंत्र नही है, जनतंत्र में तो वोटो वालों की सरकार बनती है. इस देश में सब से ज्यदा नोटो का इस्तेमाल बाजपा करती है, बाजपा, कॉंग्रेस को नोटो के इस्तेमाल में पीछे छोड़ चुकी है.  – साहेब श्री कांशी राम जी (3 जनवरी, 1999, नागपुर)

Note and Vote

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How BJP is trying to fool Dalits over buying Dr. Ambedkar’s house in London

What proud moment? BJP is making fool out of Dalits, first they spent money that was allocated for the Dalits’ welfare on buying this house and now getting sympathy of Dalits. Vote bank politics. In Mumbai, BJP demolished Siddharth Vihar, where Dalit Panthers was formed and for many Dalits a place to discuss politics and grow, important place in Dalit history. Next, belongings of Dr. Ambedkar are in shameful condition in Nagpur, why government is not taking care of that? The condition of Dalits at the birth place of Dr. Ambedkar is really bad and Dalits are living in poverty. Just to be in limelight and gain some points all this showbazzi is done by BJP in London, don’t be fooled by such showbazzi.


I also want that if Gandhi or anyone else’s statue can be installed then Dr. Ambedkar’s should also be as he is much more deserving than Gandhi or anyone else. I fully understand that such memorials do lift the spirit of Dalits. My point is BJP is fooling Dalits and they have used money from Dalits’ welfare that was already allocated to Dalits so they don’t deserve any credit for buying home, it was already money that was supposed to be spent on Dalits.

Who else is responsible for demolishing Siddharth Vihar, for not maintaining Dr. Ambedkar memorial at Nagpur, for allocating 50% less money in national budget for Dalits’ development, for not implementing government schemes, reservation properly, for the poor condition of Dalits? Definitely not Dalits. It is responsibility of government to do justice with everyone, that’s what democracy is about. I can agree that we need to educate our community but it need to be kept in mind that resources are controlled by Brahmin-Bania ruling government. Moreover, it isn’t about blaming government, it is about whose responsibility it was to keep people in light and not to misguide. Don’t be fooled by such vote bank politics by BJP.


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