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Modi and BJP want Dalits to ‘suffer silently’

Few days back AAP wanted Dalits to be REFORMED, today BJP wants Dalits to suffer silently! Both upper castes casteist parties. When Dalits start asserting for rights, it becomes CRYING for so called upper castes! Today, Modi Murdabad slogans were raised at Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow when PM began addressing students. And then Modi advised Dalits to suffer silently!

Modi, BJP, RSS, VHP want Dalits to remain silent and suffer in their hands. Dalits should stop studying and start serving your Brahmin lords then only Brahmin lords will be happy! But let me remind these casteist people that we will fight and we will write against the injustice, you can’t stop our pens.

Suffer silently and suffer with dignity that’s what the message of our KillerOfMuslims-RSSParcharkar-OBC-Dalit-Who-Knows-What PM is!


Modi at Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow – Mother India has lost a son. Yes, mother India has lost a son, a Dalit. Can Mr. PM punish his ministers for Rohith’s murder?

Let’s check some other facts –

Modi’s ministers – Rohith was not Dalit.
Modi’s minsters forced him to suicide.
Modi’s ministers – Rohith was terrorist sympathizer.
Modi’s ministers – He was anti-national.
Modi’s supporters – Rohith was Jihadi communist dog, Not even a Dalit.

Then Modi advised Dalits to suffer silently, don’t dare to raise voice against injustice!

Shame on such a PM!



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