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28th July (1928) in Dalit History – Dr. Ambedkar advocated maternity leave facilities to women workers

28th July (1928) in Dalit History – Dr. Ambedkar spoke at the Bombay Legislative Assembly on maternity leave facilities to women workers. If workers today have rights, it is because of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

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28th July


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26th July (1902) in Dalit History – Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj ordered 50% reservation for backward classes

26th July (1902) in Dalit History – Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj of Kolhapur issued orders for reservation of 50% posts in the state services for the backward classes.

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26th July

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Dr. Ambedkar, Congress, BJP and RSS

This article was first posted at Round Table India.

It may be your interest to be our masters, but how can it be ours to be your slaves? – Thucydides

As seen recently on the occasion of Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti, everyone from the RSS to the BJP to the Congress seem ready to appropriate and claim Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy, most likely to appease Dalits for votes. RSS is using Dr. Ambedkar’s name to justify their evil agenda such as ‘Ghar Wapsi’ and wrongly claiming that he supported RSS’ ideology. BJP is saying that Dr. Ambedkar was a ‘nationalist’ and using Dr. Ambedkar inappropriately as a shield for their wickedness against Muslims, and Congress on the other hand is claiming that although Dr. Ambedkar had serious differences he was part of the Congress ‘dhara’. They even have plans to hold year-long celebrations in the name of Dr. Ambedkar.

Further, the Congress is demanding that the Modi government should issue gold coins and stamps with Dr. Ambedkar’s imprint on them. But I would like to know how many stamps and gold coins did the Congress issue in the 10 years of its rule? All these parties till now have distorted Dalit history and have created obstacles in the path of Dalits’ progress. It has been the policy of all these parties to hijack national icons who have a mass following in order to get votes. Congress did everything to stop Dr. Ambedkar from entering the parliament in 1952 elections. Go back and read history and you will see that not only the Congress but also the BJP and RSS have done everything to suppress Dalits.

All these parties are always silent whenever Dalit women are raped and murdered. And when foreign journalists cover that news, they kick them out of the country. For example, the Khairlanji news was first covered by a journalist from USA, while the Brahmin media had ignored it for months. Later, these people forced that journalist to leave India. What right do they have to celebrate and claim Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy when they don’t even follow what Dr. Ambedkar stood for?

On one side, the BJP in Maharashtra was successful in getting the sympathy of Dalits for buying Dr. Ambedkar’s home in London but at the same time they don’t seem to care much about Dr. Ambedkar’s home in Dadar which is crumbling. Why wasn’t the Indu mills land allotted to construct Dr. Ambedkar’s memorial? Also, Dr. Ambedkar’s belongings (Dalit heritage) are getting ruined in the Nagpur museum, what has the BJP government done to save that? Nothing.

To top it all, a few weeks back it was the BJP government that demolished Siddharth Vihar in Mumbai, the place where Dalit Panthers was formed.This year, the ruling BJP in its national budget allocated around 60% less than the prescribed Sub-plan norms to the Dalits. They don’t care about the constitution of India, which was written by Dr. Ambedkar but want to celebrate his birthday.

Maybe when Modi is saying ‘Jai Bhim’ today, his Bhim is from Mahabharata. It can’t be Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as Modi’s actions don’t represent Babasaheb’s ideolgy. Stop misleading Dalits.

RSS is justifying Ghar Wapsi by using Dr Ambedkar’s name – this is not only shameful but outright ridiculous. When Dr. Ambedkar himself had left the Ghar (Hinduism), how can anyone say such a thing? And Dr. Ambedkar would have never approved of your forceful conversion of poor innocent people. Stop insulting Dr. Ambedkar by your evil deeds. I would suggest that the BJP, RSS and Congress should read Dr. Ambedkar’s books, in particular “Riddles in Hinduism” and “Annihilation of Caste”. The Congress shoud especially read “What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables”. And then ask themselves how can they claim Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy?

Why don’t the RSS, BJP and Congress first annihilate caste and then celebrate Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti?

All of these parties want a piece of Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy for their propaganda. But I want to raise some important issues. Throughout the year, you talk against reservation, which is for equality, you deny us our food, our culture, our history, and by celebrating Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti you think Dalits can be fooled and they will accept your Hindutva propaganda. Forget it, for we’ve been awakened by Babasaheb and we know your motive is to erase what Dr. Ambedkar said and rewrite his thoughts in a manner that suits your propaganda.

 It’s your people who kill, exploit Dalits, grab their lands, make them work in your fields, snatch away any opportunity they have to read and write. You don’t let them enter temples, you don’t let them become priests in temples, you purify Dalit students by sprinkling cow urine, you kill Dalits just because their names match with some of yours, you make Dalits remove their shoes when they have to pass in front of your houses, you consider Dalits’ shadow impure, you eat into Dalit students’ scholarships, you don’t eat food cooked by Dalits, you make Dalit students sit separately in classrooms, you parade Dalit women naked, you don’t deliver post in Dalit colonies, in your homes you have separate utensils for Dalits.


You advertise on newspapers – Dalits, Muslims need not to apply, in courts you don’t deliver justice to Dalits, you didn’t deliver any justice to Dalits in Bathani Tola, Jehanabad, Melavalavu, Muthanya, Laxmanpur Bathe and Kilvenmani massacres. In movies and T.V. shows you denigrate Dalit characters, you don’t rent your home to Dalits and Muslims, you keep Dalits and Muslims in jails without any crime and then you talk about justice, you do nothing to stop Devdasi system (temple prostitution), you vandalise statues of Dalit icons and then put garlands on their anniversary, you boycott Dalits in villages, you don’t let Dalits hoist flags, you publish job openings with – ‘Dalits need not to apply’.

You killed Dalit icons such as Tukaram and you also attempted to kill Mahatma Jotiba Phule, you threw mud on Savtribai Phule, you created obstacles in her good cause, you opposed Dr. Ambedkar during his lifetime, you abused him, you labelled him as a ‘traitor’, ‘anti-national’, you demolish mosques on his death anniversary, you malign Dr. Ambedkar’s greatness by writing ‘Worshiping false gods’ and then you pretend to worship him. You opposed abolition of untouchability, you still practice untouchability, you still worship 33 crore fake gods, and you denied Dalits separate electorates. You destroy Dalit history every day, you malign Dalit history every day and then you try to benefit from the legacy of Dr. Ambedkar.

Dr. Ambedkar never believed in your 33 crore fake Gods. Dr. Ambedkar fought for the rights of Dalits and Adivasis. But you displaced them, snatched their lands, made them homeless. You use poor innocent Dalits in your fields, you don’t pay their wages, and you exploit them. Where is your love for the Untouchables when all this happens? How can Dr. Ambedkar be one of you when you do all these things? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself when you even say such things? You don’t deserve any part of Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy.

Cartoon by Unnamati Syama Sundar

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Interview with violin teacher of Babasaheb Ambedkar

Friends: While surfing on the net today I came across an item in the Marathi paper Maharashtra Times which may be of interest to you. This is an interview taken by Mr.Ramakant Jadhav of Mr. Balwant Sathe ( Bal Sathe) who taught violin to Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. Sathe is 85 years old and still runs a school of violin teaching in Mumbai.

The following is a translation of the interview in an abridged form:

Q: Mr. Sathe, who recommended your name as violin teacher to Babasaheb?

A: In the year 1950 Mr.Rege, the librarian of Siddhartha College, introduced me to Babasaheb. In the beginning I and my elder brother both were reluctant to give lessons to such an elderly and scholarly man like Babasaheb. But after meeting him and experiencing the playful atmosphere he received us in we noticed the sense of humor of Babasaheb( and agreed.)

Q: When did you gave your first lesson to Babasaheb and how many years did he study?

A: When in 1950 he came to Mumbai from Delhi, for two or three months I and my elder brother Nana used to go to his residence and give him lessons, as per his convenient time. During his stay in Mumbai he learned violin for approximately two years. His health was not that great and his hands used to pain by the movement of the bow. “A little rest and then some lesson” was the mode of the musical practice.

Q: How was he finding time in the midst of the assembly of the visitors?

A:To tell you, we ourselves used feel guilty for holding him from the important visitors. These well-known people- party workers, people coming from different far off places- used to wait for the lessons to be over and once over they used to rush to him for discussions on topics ranging form court cases to appeals to party affairs.

Q: How did his violin lessons stop?

A: Babsaheb’s hands used to experience pain. He afterwards developed liking in painting and started learning it. Violin lessons then stopped. Babasaheb returned to Delhi. I afterwards heard that some Mukherjee was giving him lessons in violin in Delhi. I feel extremely lucky to have come in the company of such an epoch-making man, a scholar on the pretext of giving him lessons in violin. I consider meeting him as the greatest reward life has offered me.

( Taken and translated from ‘Maharashtra Times” dated 9th January 2001)

Courtesy ― www.ambedkar.org

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23rd January in Dalit History – A welcome was accorded to Dr. Ambedkar by Samata Sainik Dal

23 January 1933: A welcome was accorded to Dr. Ambedkar by Samata Sainik Dal in Mumbai[1].

Dr. Ambedkar returned from the third round table conference to Bombay (now Mumbai) by the Gange ship on 23 January 1933. Along with him was Sir Purshottamdas Thakurdas. On the landing, he was given an enthusiastic reception by the Samata Sainik Dal. Amongst the prominent leaders Dr. Ambedkar was the only one who had attended all the three round table conferences and pushed for the rights of depressed classes (now called dalits). Gandhi and Malviya did not participate in the first and third round table conferences while Jinnah did not participate in the sessions of second round table conference.

Baba Saheb Ambedkar

Baba Saheb Ambedkar

23 January 1938: Dr. Ambedkar addressed a Peasants’ Conference at Ahmednagar (Maharshtra state).

[1] Dhananjay Keer, Dr. Ambedkar: Life and Mission, book, pg 225

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MookNayak and Bahishkrit Bharat – Rare Pictures

Dr. Ambedkar started the newspaper MookNayak, or the Mute Hero, to give voice to untouchables in the society and share their problems. This was 1920, and no newspaper at that time was devoted to untouchables.


This image is a masthead of the first edition of MookNayak

Mookanayak (1920) and Bahishkrit Bharat (1927) were two Marathi journals edited by Dr Ambedkar

Mookanayak (1920) and Bahishkrit Bharat (1927) were two Marathi journals edited by Dr Ambedkar

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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s hand written letter

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's hand written letter.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s hand written letter.


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16 January in Dalit History – Dr. Ambedkar: I am not asking for any special favour

16 January 1930: Periyar returned from Malaya to Tamil Nadu.

16 January 1931: Dr. Ambedkar commented on the Report of sub- committee no VII (defense) at the round table conference in London.

Dr. Ambedkar vehemtly fought for the rights of inclusion of all sections, including the depressed classed (presently called dalits) for recruitment in Indian Army and hence sought a substantiative amendment to clause (2) of paragraph 4 of the report. “No doubt”, he said, “I move the amendment primarily with a view to protecting the specific rights of the depressed classes, but in doing so I am not asking the Committee to confer any favour, I am asking the Committee to see us realize in practice the principle recognized in the Government of India Act, that no subject of His Majesty shall be debarred from entering any Public Service by reason of his caste, creed or colour. In doing so, therefore, I do not think I am asking for any special favour”.

For details do visit



16 January 1946: Riots between touchables and untouchables erupted (Hindu – Mahar riots).

Dr. Ambedkar believed that a candidate to be elected on reserved seat should be elected only on the votes of untouchables (separate electorates). However, as a consequce of Poona Pact (signed in 1932), the Congress party would field a candidate from any other untouchable against Dr. Ambedkar and they would have no problems with his candidature even if he was illereate or an absolute non-entity.  They would ask all (touchables) to give votes to their untouchable candidate. This was Kautilya – style strategy only to defeat Dr. Ambedkar! It was because of this that the deadly riots of Hindu vs Mahar erupted on 16 January 1946 in Nagpur against the Poona Pact.

The dalit movement in Nagpur came to be known as Mahar movement. Chambhars (leather workers) and Mangs (rope makers, also called Matangs) took part only as individuals. E.g. A gentleman named Behade was on the executive committee of the Scheduled Caste Federdarion. Ramratan Janorkar of Bhangi (sweeper) community dedicated his life to the Ambedkar movement and also became a Buddhist and later on Mayor of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

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