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Why being Non-Casteist isn’t just enough! 

Last week, I asked on Twitter that are you Non-casteist or Anti-casteism? (Non-Casteist = Don’t discriminate Anti-Casteism = Want whole caste system end)

I was overwhelmed by the response. 939 people voted with 30% saying they are non-castiest and rest 70% saying they want whole caste system to end. This result can be biased as most of my Twitter followers are from Dalit community so they want whole caste system to end. Maybe, same was represented in the poll results.

Now, the question is is being non-casteist just enough? 30% non-casteist, do they feel comfortable with discrimination happening to others? Following are the usual responses that I hear from most of the upper castes –

I don’t discriminate.

I won’t discriminate.

I never discriminated.

I am not casteist.

I can’t discriminate.

… and the list goes on and on.

Why even after 2000 years this caste based discrimination is there? Maybe because people in power tend to turn blind eye on caste discrimination. Because they are non-casteist (maybe) not anti-casteist.

Even if you are non-casteist, Dalits are still being discriminated, Dalits are still being raped, killed etc. It is not enough that you are non-casteist. You turning blind eye (being non-casteist) to caste discrimination is not going to change anything in society, Dalits will still be killed, discriminated. Most of Indians don’t get angry seeing caste discrimination; it has become a part of people’s lives in India and till we won’t get angry seeing caste discrimination, there won’t be any change in the society. Get angry and fight against caste based discrimination.

If we want any change, we need to stop being non-casteist to anti-casteism.

What you guys think? Let me know in the comments.




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