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Aam Aadmi Party blamed Rohith Vemula, wants Dalits to be REFORMED!

Today on Twitter Aam Aadmi Party posted following update –

“This could have been avoided, Rohith could have been reformed, but they chose to ignore his letter.”


REFORMED! So, it means whosoever follows Babasaheb’s Ideology needs “reformation”! What kind of ‘reforms’ he needed? Reforms that he stops following Babasaheb? Such a sick mentality of AAP leaders! 

REFORMED? Was he a criminal who needed to be REFORMED? What is the intention of AAP to blame Rohith? All this shows the casteist mindset of AAP leaders. What about VC of UoH and ABVP and BJP leaders who killed him, what AAP has to say on that? Don’t they need to be reformed or AAP will protect them as they are also from Brahmin-Baina community?

Rohith had the problem of endearing Ambedkarism. That’s why Brahmin-Baina party – Aam Aadmi Party – is speaking about ‘REFORM’? They don’t want you to take inspiration from Babasaheb and fight against their upper caste hegemony. It hurts them since the times of Manu that Dalits should not question their superiority. Remember almost same is written in Manusmriti also. AAP is doing nothing but following Manusmriti.

Read below what Dr. Ambedkar had said almost 90 years ago and then read what Aam Aadmi Party is saying today on its twitter that Rohith needed ‘reformation’. Nothing has changed in last 90 years, mindset of so called upper castes is same. Still they think the problem is with Dalits and Dalits need to be REFORMED.

Read what Dr. Ambedkar had said –

It is usual to hear all those who feel moved by the deplorable condition of the Untouchables unburden themselves by uttering the cry, ‘We must do something for the Untouchables. One seldom hears any of the persons interested in the problem saying, Let us do something to change the Touchable Hindu. It is invariably assumed that the object to be reclaimed is the Untouchables. If there is to be a mission, it must be to the Untouchables and if the Untouchables can be cured, untouchability will vanish. Nothing requires to be done to the Touchable. He is sound in mind, manners and morals. He is whole, there is nothing wrong with him. Is this assumption correct? Whether correct or not, the Hindus like to cling to it. The assumption has the supreme merit of satisfying themselves that they are not responsible for the problem of the Untouchables. 



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