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Conference on Caste & Development at London on 5th September 

In South Asia poverty persists alongside growing wealth.  A disproportionate number of those in extreme poverty are Dalits. Poverty, inequality and caste are deeply enmeshed, yet there is little appetite to address caste oppression in the international development community.

Caste-based discrimination remains one of the world’s worst and least addressed injustices, affecting the life chances of many millions of people and involving violence, untouchability and humiliation. This is despite the fact that South Asian governments have made caste discrimination illegal, and introduced various provisions and protections for Dalits.

In recent years, Dalits who have protested, claimed their rights, or struggled for dignity have often faced brutal reprisal. The issue of caste injustice has been silenced in wider national and international communities. It is assumed that caste inequality is an internal matter of culture and religion and that it will be erased by the forces of market economy and modernisation.

But the evidence seems to be against this. Research shows how caste is an ongoing aspect of modern economies, shaping labour markets, access to services, health, education, opportunity and well-being.
As the development of Sustainable Development Goals refocuses international attention on social inclusion and human rights for all, it is time to examine the relationship between caste and development.

It is in this context that a group of UK INGOs in collaboration with SOAS South Asia Institute decided to organise a one-day conference to shed light on the issue and generate debate:

  • Is caste a continuing force in South Asian economy and society?
  • Does caste injustice create economic discrimination today?
  • How do the effects of caste and gender intersect?
  • How has caste discrimination been challenged?
  • What role do international development agencies have?

Our speakers include prominent academics and practitioners from the sub-continent who will share their insights with an audience from the UK/international development community.  The event will bring together key world-leading researchers on caste, economy and development, the principal campaigners exposing the reality of caste-based discrimination and caste-gender intersections, and leaders and experts from organisations working practically for development with economic justice and Dalit human rights.

The conference will throw light on a subject that has been kept in the shadows. It will offer expertise for shaping appropriate policy on caste injustice, poverty and development by different development agencies.

This is a conference of vital importance to every organisation with an interest in development in South Asia – and beyond, since in today’s interconnected world caste-based discrimination is an issue of global importance.

It will be an interactive conference, with plenty of opportunity to contribute your own thoughts and experiences.

Caste – out of the shadows

Date: 5 September 2015Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 5 September 2015Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Brunei GalleryRoom: Brunie Gallery Lecture Theatre and Suite

Type of Event: Conference

Book and get more information from here.


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Public Meeting of Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford, UK

Public Meeting of Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford
Saturday 11 July 15 From 3-6pm
Centenary Hall, Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford

Dear All,

I wish to inform you that next year will be Dr Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary. It will be celebrated in a big way all over the World. Government of India have already allocated Rs 99 crores for various programmes on Dr Ambedkar. This will be a ‘once in life time event’ for all of us. It is a great opportunity for each and everyone to be part of this historic event by staging the Dr Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary show in such a way that it is remembered for years to come. We have already booked Corn Exchange, the biggest hall in Bedford, for this function. To discuss the planning of the event, Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford has organised a public meeting on Saturday, 11 July 15 at the Centenary Hall, Bedford Road, Kempston from 3 to 6pm. You are requested to spare some time and not only give your suggestions and advice, but also get involved in this very important event. With your help and cooperation, we all together can make this event a great success. Please do come in the meeting with your friends. This would be an open meeting, everyone is welcome. For more information, please contact me, brothers Pirthi Kaeley or Ram Pal Rahi.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Arun Kumar
General Secretary
Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford.

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Event on Caste, Gender & Slavery at Geneva



Today at 5pm event on Caste, Gender & Slavery at Geneva.

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On 26th June, ‘Broken Lives’ – Slavery in India, an exhibition in Liverpool, UK

International Slavery Museum turns attention to India

The ‘Broken Lives’ exhibition, opening at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool on 26 June, provides a window into the experiences of Dalits and others who are being exploited and abused through modern slavery in India. Visitors are invited to discover their stories of hardship, survival and hope for broken lives mended. As well as highlighting the issues, ‘Broken Lives’ also celebrates Indian heroes who are tackling the exploitation and abuse.

Visitors are given the opportunity to explore…

  • The brick kiln – to see how poverty, illness and natural disasters can lead to debt slavery.
  • The cotton mills – to see how women and young girls are exploited in the garment industry to produce clothes destined for sale in the UK and the rest of Europe.
  • The dedication ceremony – to discover how and why some Dalit girls are forced into a lifetime of ritual sex slavery and abuse.

The exhibition includes moving photography, film and case studies, but more importantly, visitors find out how they can make a difference. Broken Lives runs until April next year, and linked events are planned on various Saturdays throughout.

Read more at here.


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