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United Nations to celebrate Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Jayanti but at what cost?

Celebrating Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday at United Nations. Good. I don’t have any problem with it. He should be recognized. I support that and support those organisations also working behind it.
2030 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by UN without any reference to millions impoverished and excluded due to caste discrimination.

We should be outrageous against this discrimination. It’s important to recognize Dr. Ambedkar but more than that it’s important that caste discrimination ends in India. What I believe is we should focus more on putting pressure on United Nations to work on ending caste discrimination. We need to set our priorities rights if we want to achieve our targets.

And I pity those organisations also those don’t have any clue that SDGs 2030 don’t include ‘caste discrimination’ but are commenting on this. Which SDGs UN is talking about? SDGs those don’t have any reference to millions impoverished & excluded due to caste?

If UN hasn’t recognized caste discrimination to be ended in 2030 SDGs then which inequality UN is combating? UN has always fooled people on the name of combating inequalities, stop fooling & end caste discrimination.

Dr Ambedkar Wallpapers Photos


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Osho speaks on Dr. Ambedkar, Gandhi, and Dalits

In this speech, Osho higly praises Dr.Ambedkar and speaks on the injustice done to Dalits (Untouchables) in various fields. He says that there was no one equally intelligent to Dr.Amedkar in his time as far as constitutions were concerned. Osho also remembers the Poona Pact and criticizes Gandhi over his suicidal fast in order to achieve his goal. He calls the Gandhi’s fast as blackmail. Listen to know more.


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Reality of Gudi Padwa, festival of upper castes’ exploitation of lower castes women

On first or second Saturday coming after the Hindu New Years Day (Gudhi padawa), the devadasis, who are mostly dalitbahujans, were openly sexually enjoyed in public, about hundred years ago. This is now replaced by another tradition called “Okali”, which was in vogue till 1987. It is a festival like ‘Rang Panchami’. The young boys from higher castes assemble around a pool of coloured water in front of town temple. Young devadasis in the town stand in front of them in a row, and each receives a sari, a choli and a flower garland. The coloured water is poured over the devadasis who appear virtually naked as the cloths given to them are very thin, scanty, delicate and transparent. The boys play with the bodies of devadasis as they like, doing everything just short of sexual intercourse. All assembled enjoy the scene. This happens in the name of god ‘Bili Kallappa’. [Uttam Kamble, Sugawa, p. 81]

Gudi Padwa

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केजरीवाल ने दलित समाज को दिया धोखा – शर्म करो दलित बजेट के चोर केजरीवाल

पहले दलित लोगो का बजट कम कर दिया पिछले साल केजरीवाल गवर्नमेंट ने ओर फिर उस में से भी 23% बजट के पैसे खर्च नही किए केजरीवाल सरकार ने. यह सब दलित विरोधी नही तो क्या है? दलित लोगो के वोट ले कर सरकार बनाया इस बनिया-ब्राह्मण पार्टी ने ओर दलित लोगो पर ही ज़ुलाम कर रही है. शर्म करो दलित बजट के चोर केजरीवाल.

2014-15 में बनिया केजरीवाल ने 709.87 करोड़ का फंड आवंटित किया था दलित लोगो के लिए जो की पहले हे 75% कम था.
लेकिन इसमें से सिर्फ 545.96 करोड़ ही खर्च किया गया. इस तरह 163.91 करोड़ लैप्स/बर्बाद हो गया.

केजरीवाल गवर्नमेंट ने 2016-17 के लिए 46,600 करोड़ का बजट पेश किया है. इसमें 20,600 करोड़ प्लान बजट है. जनसंख्या के लिहाज से दिल्ली में अनुसूचित जाति के लिए

3460 करोड़ रुपये का आवंटन होना चाहिए, लेकिन असल में सिर्फ 715.17 करोड़ आवंटित किया गया. जबकि यह पिछले साल के आवंटन के मुकाबले भी 92.15 करोड़ कम है.

दलित लोगो के वोट ले कर सरकार बनाया इस बनिया-ब्राह्मण पार्टी ने ओर दलित लोगो पर ही ज़ुलाम कर रही है.
शर्म करो दलित बजेट के चोर केजरीवाल.

Budget chor2 Buget Chor

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[Photos] Bangalore Protests for #JusticeForDeltaMeghwal

A few days back, in BJP ruled Rajasthan, a Dalit teenager girl student was raped and murdered at an educational institution. People in Bangalore came forward to protest and in demand of #JusticeForDeltaMeghwal







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In BJP ruled Rajasthan, Dalit girl Delta Meghwal raped and murdered in an educational institute #JusticeForDeltaMeghwal

Delta was a 17 years old Dalit girl from a village near the Pakistan border in Barmer district of Rajasthan. She was persuading her BSTC (a course afert 10+2, to become a school teacher) from Jain Adarsh teacher training institute for girls in Nokha, Bikaner (Rajasthan).


Her prize winning artwork

She was a brilliant student and an amazing painter, having topped in an Art competition in whole of Rajasthan when she was in 12th standard. One of her artwork was featured in an art magazine published by Rajasthan secretariat in 2006, when she was just 7 years old.

On the morning of March 29, her dead body was found in the water tank of her hostel under suspicious conditions. Police took her body in a municipal garbage carrying vehicle (tractor) without videographing it. According to institution, she committed suicide because they caught her in PT teacher Vijendra Kumar’s room, and they had warned both and asked them to write an apology.
Now the question is, why did the Institution not inform her parents? Why did the Institute not sack the PT teacher and file a complaint against him as she was a minor?

Getting prize from Home Minister, Rajasthan

According to the FIR filed by her parents, there were only 4 girls at the hostel as all the other girls had gone home and had not returned by then. She came back along with her father on the morning of 28th. Later in the evening, at 8 pm, she called her father and said that their Warden Priya Shukla had sent her to the PT Instructor’s room, to be his helper, with the excuse of cleaning the hostel. There she was raped by him. She seemed very scared while narrating the incident, according to her parents. When her parents got all the information of this incident, the Institute took written apology from both her and the PT Instructor with a statement that this happened with mutual consent. While her parents say that this is murder, as the institute neither sacked the PT Instructor nor informed them, being ignorant of the fact that she was a minor. According to them, to downplay the incident, the Institute murdered her as they are very influential people.
Written by – Suresh Jogesh, Source – Facebook

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Anti-Reservation remarks by Chairman of Motilal Oswal Group. File a complaint under SC/ST Act

Mr. Motilal Oswal, chairman of Motilal Oswal Group made anti-reservation remarks on twitter. Someone please file a case against Mr Motilal Oswal under SC/ST act for this tweet. Let him have a taste his ‘talent’. So called upper castes like him can become chairman of any company because of their caste not because of ‘talent’. Following tweet was posted by Motilal Oswal, chairman of Motilal Oswal Group, and was later deleted by him.

12936525_990239784385463_8479596338097832107_nMr Motilal Oswal, representation is a constitutional right and don’t compare it with begging of brahmins who are living on begging since ages. 

Mr Motilal Oswal has written in his description at Twitter – “proud of our values and culture”, “loves to spread positivity & happiness in a negative &cynical world” and here is the example of all that. Is this the company’s proud culture where SC/ST/OBC communities are defamed? Further he has written in his description, “Hungry for knowledge” and I would suggest him to read the history of your forefathers and the history of representation in India. Also, read some good books written by some good authors not by “chaddiwalas”!

Mr Motilal Oswal for your clarification, the bridge was being built by IVRCL, which is a private company owned by Reddy brothers, means upper castes company and there is no reservation in private sector as you may know very well. So, doesn’t bridge falling show upper castes merit? And this is not the first time this upper castes company IVRCL’s construction has failed, earlier in Jharkhand also their construction had failed. So, how much talent and merit upper caste companies want to show?? Further, Mr Motilal Oswal, whole India saw your talent (of fooling people) also when company was involvement in a series of IPO irregularities in 2003-05.

Earlier, Havells Fans had shown its castiest nature and now Motilal Oswal Group. We should boycott these companies and their products and services. What is the Merit of those upper caste Brahmins who dupe our Banks worth thousands of Crores & then flee the country? Mr Motilal Oswal should be booked under SC/ST act and should be punished for hatred towards Dalits and minority communities.

Update –

Mr Motilal Oswal deleted the tweet and posted the following message. It’s too late for the Motilal Oswal Group to hide its casteist nature and casteist mindset. We must go forward and file case against him so that no one else tries to defame Dalits & other communities availing constitution rights.


All this shows the casteist mindset of private companies in India. Even if I accept that it was “forwarded sms”, does it mean he didn’t read it before forwarding? He opened twitter and pasted that “forwarded sms” but didn’t read it? Whom you are trying to fool Mr. Motilal Oswal?

How can anyone trust such a chairman of financial company who doesn’t read before forwarding the information? Wonder how Motilal Oswal Group has survived till now, oh am I forgetting “Vyapam Merit” of upper castes? Motilal Oswal Group is an investment management group and such are the chairman who don’t read information before sharing it. I would suggest investors to back out from Motilal Oswal Group or be ready to lose money in the hands of such “Vyapam Meritwalas” upper castes!

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University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, to celebrate Dalit History Month

University of Edinburgh, UK, to celebrate Dalit History Month


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