Buddhism for Children


Coloring Buddha

Colouring Buddhist Flag

Colouring Bodhi Leaf

Colouring Bodhi Leaf and Buddha

Colouring Lotus

Colouring the Buddha

Colouring Dhamma Wheel

Creating Vesak Gifts

Other books for children 

Life of the Buddha


Dhammapada Stories

Love Your Children the Right Way

Jataka Tales- 1

Jataka Tales- 2

Buddha’s Tales

BuddhaNet’s Buddhist Crossword Puzzles

Guided Meditation for Primary Students

Rahula leads the way

Seeding the Heart

Up Side Down

All these books are from www.buddhanet.net


34 responses to “Buddhism for Children

  1. Rajashree

    i like very much this website, and we have got lots of information about dr. ambedkar and my lord buddha…thanks for your nice job .. we are Appreciable collection. keep it up.. “mangal ho” “mangal ho” “tumcha mangal ho”..


  2. T. L. chahal

    Namo Budd
    haye Jai Bheem. Very pleased to see your wevsite. your work is praise worthy.


  3. Ragini

    Hi, I would like to thank you for what you are doing for Castism. And I would love to give my contribution in this work. Keep working….. Lord Buddha will show you the right way……


  4. ramprasad naik

    hai friends buddha bless u r all with happy


  5. santosh wathore

    i like this.


  6. Thanks a lot for Sharing Literature of Babasaheb Ambedkar with us. I salute you for this herculean task. Jai Bhim!


  7. hai dalit and tribles this ramprasad naik welcome to the new world ambedker revolution we created a new media if you went more cont 8985669287 we new ambedker channel and daily new paper r atleast once in the weak plz corporate and give support for that i am from vijayawada from andhra


  8. Ram kumar dhamala, shantinagar-1,jhapa,kathmandu

    Jay bhim….big and big salute to you for your entire works


  9. kanisq

    thank you very much,it’s very nice collection


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