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I’ve been getting emails asking me to give a brief information about myself. Okay, here I am. My name is Pardeep and I am 29 years old untouchable guy from Punjab (India). I dream about Begumpura of Sri Guru Ravidas Ji and Utopia of Dr B. R. Ambedkar, i.e. are these achievable? I want to see caste free society in my lifetime and start my own business! By profession, I am an engineer and I also dreams about writing a book one day! Here at this blog, I document my random thoughts and ideas. You are welcome to comment or correct me (yes, I am in the learning phase of ‘how to write’). I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards my parents, who believed in me; my brothers, who always supported me; my friends especially Vaibhav, who supported me blindly and thinks I’m Harry Potter!; Mukesh, who thinks I’m his ideal, Dr. S.L. Virdi, my guide and source of inspiration since childhood; Derdak Tibor, who thinks I’m ahead of my age and many more who always inspired me to write no matter how terribly I wrote. I’m also thankful to all those friends whom I don’t know personally but who are spreading the word about this blog and are continuously thriving for equality. ‘Dalit History’ section is possible because of the efforts by Pravin Khobragade. Thanks a ton!

In any case one can contact me at contact@drambedkarbooks.com or at drbrambedkarbooks@gmail.com 

About me, my views, this website and Ambedkar Caravan site have been covered by various major websites, newspapers and TV channels such as Round Table India, Times of India, The Hindu, NDTV, The Quint, The Indian Express and Al Jazeera etc.

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There are no copy rights to the material provided on this blog, so one can use the information given on drambedkarbooks.wordpress.com wherever one wants without permission.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason & your own common sense.” — Buddha 

111 responses to “About Me


    Dear! this is great,you are steping in the direction of spreading Baba Saheb’s ideology in his people.


  2. Dr.Dayanand Sonkamble

    It’s such a nice platform you have provided,buddy!!! we all promise you to make it a social networking site,in a” true sens! ” Lts make a dent in the universe………………………………………………………………Lts make our way towards an eternity of peace!


  3. Vikas

    Dear Pradeep, its good, the way u address the issues and the concern is highly appreciable.
    keep it up great.
    keep writing and throwing light on the issues which needs Nationwide attention.


  4. Dharmenderm

    Thanks Pradeep… I appreciate your effort as you have really done a great job… Keep it up… like the spirit you have… God bless you… 🙂


  5. phani

    yr great my friend…………….
    you icon the young leadrs……….


  6. Good. I also write a blog: http://www.diplomatictitbits.blogspot.com
    It may be of interest. I am also a follower of Ambedkar.


  7. gopal dabhade

    dear friend
    its great job carry on I don’t word to say about that


  8. dinesh

    First time in india, Dr.BR. Ambedkar life history and Ambedkar quotes were available in Android Application for Free. Search in android market for “Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar “or click below link to download the Apps. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wAmbedkarQuotes&feature=search_result . Please download in your android Model phone and share the information everyone.


  9. RR BAG

    good..carry on you r in a right track…..the case is same with me….i am a young advocate in delhi high court…i can be contacted by this email-rassmiorin@gmail.com


  10. gaurav kumar chandrayani

    Education..! Unity..! Struggle..! we have to follow these doctrines of our mooknayak (baba saheb)… then we can only be strong… we have to work altogether…. i appreciate your works..!!!


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