United Nations to celebrate Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Jayanti but at what cost?

Celebrating Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday at United Nations. Good. I don’t have any problem with it. He should be recognized. I support that and support those organisations also working behind it.
2030 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by UN without any reference to millions impoverished and excluded due to caste discrimination.

We should be outrageous against this discrimination. It’s important to recognize Dr. Ambedkar but more than that it’s important that caste discrimination ends in India. What I believe is we should focus more on putting pressure on United Nations to work on ending caste discrimination. We need to set our priorities rights if we want to achieve our targets.

And I pity those organisations also those don’t have any clue that SDGs 2030 don’t include ‘caste discrimination’ but are commenting on this. Which SDGs UN is talking about? SDGs those don’t have any reference to millions impoverished & excluded due to caste?

If UN hasn’t recognized caste discrimination to be ended in 2030 SDGs then which inequality UN is combating? UN has always fooled people on the name of combating inequalities, stop fooling & end caste discrimination.

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