Treat Dalit Women as Equals before the Law: Radhika Vemula on International Women’s Day

“Last year, on the 118th Death Anniversary of Savitribai Phule, my son Rohith came home to Guntur and said, “Savitribai Phule” fought and struggled for Dalit Women. Rohith also said that the students of the Hyderabad Central University (HCU) celebrated Savitribai Death anniversary as Dalit Women’s Day on March 10, on the university campus. Rohith is not with me, not with us anymore. I want to organise a meeting on that day, March 10, 2016 on the HCU Campus.

Because in this country, no Dalit Women is treated as per law, equal before the law.

Additionally, Mrs. Smriti .J. Irani, the Hon’ble Minister of MHRD, has treated me as if I am worth nothing, harassed amd tortured me in the name of my caste. Because of this targeting, I have lost both my son, Rohith and my adoptive mother.

To this date, this Government is trying very hard to prove that I am not a Dalit, that I do not belong to the scheduled caste. This is a shame and causes deep pain.”~ Radhika Vemula



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