We Know How to Peal the Skin Of The Cow! #EatBeef

Started Freedom Struggle!

Heroes! Get Ready for the Battle

Train More Heroes and Heroines and Settle

With a Determination to Share Power to Rule!

Without the Freedom of the Untouchables

There won’t be Freedom of the Touchable

Without the Freedom of the Touchable

There Wont be Freedom of the Majority People

Without the Freedom of the Majority People

There Wont be National Freedom for All People

You were always in the Receiving End

Now move to the Delivering End

To Get Rid of Our Sufferings for ever

Come Lets Share Power!

You were for ringing the Temple Bells

We were for Carrying Night Soil

By using our Wisdom and Will

Lets Forget Superstition Evil

Temple Bell and Carrying Night Soil

And All of Us Become Equal

Your So-called Efficient (Mis) Rule

Is no way better Than Representative Rule

Bahujan Samaj is for beneficial Representative Self Rule

Hello! A Doctor Treats You after You Get A Disease

Whereas a Sanitation Worker Safeguards Health Condition of Living And Prevents Disease

Hey! Bahujan Samajavadis!

Let’s unite All the Victimised Castes

Vote for Bahujan Samajavadis and Throw out the Ruling Castes

By Empowering the Victimised Castes

To Lead a Suppressed Life Is Slavery!

To overcome the same With the Help of Samaj is Bravery!

Sing the Song of Freedom Battle Bahujan Samaj Lady

And Tell Your Husband, Brothers, Sisters, Mommy and Daddy

That You Follow the footprints of Mayawathi-The Iron Lady!

We Know How to Peal the Skin Of The Cow!

It will not be Difficult to Peal the Castiest Rule, You Must Know!

Let the Bahujan Samaj Awake and Arise!

Conquer the Power and Become Wise!

If there is a Party for Every Other Caste

Then Our Party is BSP!

When I Design A Shoe

You Call Me an Untouchable

And Ask Me Not To Wear the Shoe

But When the Supercomputer Designs?

You call it Bata or Nike

With the Empowerment of BSP

We will become the Owners of the Bata and the Like!

When I Sweep the Floor you treat me as an Untouchable

But When A Man with A Tie Does It with A Vacuum Cleaner, he is a Touchable!

With The Empowerment of Bahujan Samaj

We will become the Owners of the Vacuum Cleaners!

When We Wash the Toilets You Call Us Thoties and Parayas

But when a Manuvadi does it you call it International Souchalayas

We Would Not Mind You to Be Owners of Sulab Souchalayas With Your Own

Manuvadhi Manpower

When We Transmit Information with Drums You Call Parayas

When it is transferred Through Computers you call your selves

Software Technologists and Information Technologists!

With The Empowerment of Bahujan Samaj

We will become the Owners of IT Industries!

When I Wash Your Clothes Manually You Call Me Backward Castes

But when you do it With Machines You Call Yourselves Dry-Cleaners!

When I Shave Your Face and Hairdress Manually You Call Me Barber

But When it is Done By a Manuvadi Men or Women it Becomes a Beauty Parlor!

Without owning a Land if I work in the field I am An Agriculture Labor

But by Owning Thousands of Acres of Land I am A Zamindar!

With The Empowerment of the Bahujan Samaj

I will become a Zamindar!

Dear Friends I am not a Poet. So you have the Right to copy it improve it and publish it.




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