Reality of Hindu Nationalists!

Golwalker advised not to fight against British and save energy to fight Muslims, Christians and Communists.

Savarkar begged for mercy and betrayed the freedom movement.

Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee acted as British spy!

and now they are issuing certificates of anti-national!




Filed under Caste Discrimination, Casteism, Dalit, Dr B R Ambedkar, Equal Rights, Reality of Hindu Festivals

3 responses to “Reality of Hindu Nationalists!

  1. Shailendra shankhpal

    Very good effort.


  2. Amudhan

    Actually every SC/ST and BC especially MBC are all their targets for subjugation


  3. Rajesh

    I love Dr B R Ambedkar.


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