Namantar Shahid Smarak

The Namantar Shahid Smarak is located at Indora Bridge 10 on Kamptee Road, Nagpur. The location was selected because at this location Avinash Dongre, a teenager protesting in support of the Namantar Andolan was shot in the head by police on 4 August 1978. Four activists – Dilip Ramteke, Abdul Sattar, Roshan Borkar and Ratan Mendhe – also lost their lives nearby. The memorial has total of 27 sculptures of Bhim Sainiks (Ambedkarites ) who died during struggle. They are shown in the act of their struggle. In addition to the sculptures, there are 27 plaques with the name of each person; the memorial also has a monolith to pay homage to the martyrs.

Credit – Bhimrajya Facebook Page

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