After ‘Cow Memorial’, Punjab Govt. will honor ‘Cow Bhakts’!

Few weeks back, Akali-BJP Punjab government announced to build a most expensive animal memorial – ‘Rashtriya Shaheedi Gau Smarak’ – in the country at Mansa. Government is planning to spend 5 crore rupees on this memorial.


Source – Tribune India

In Punjab, where Dalits are suffering in all spheres of lives, casteist government is spending money on Cow memorial and Cow Bhakts, such a shame! Dalit students’ scholarships are delayed or many a times not even issues, Dalit farmers are suffering, salaries of many teachers are not issued on time, there are not proper teaching staff at government schools, where Dalits students mostly study. Casteist Punjab government is giving more importance to building cow shelters, providing electricity and water at every cow shelter in every district to providing basic education facilities at government schools. Still many Dalit houses in Punjab don’t have proper electricity or water supply but Punjab government has been spending money on cows!

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One may be surprised to know that in Punjab there is Gau Sewa Commission to ‘prevent cruelties against the holy animal’! There are not sufficient funds to run SC/ST commission as government claims many times but Gau Sewa Commission is running properly! 

Today, casteist Punjab government announced that those who look after cows will be honored at Republic Day ceremony. Dalit heroes are ignored from history books or are not given due credit but stupid cow is given more importance and follower of an animal are rewarded! Only ignorant and casteists such as BJP and Akali leaders can do it.

Both these building cow memorial and honoring cow bhakts is another attempt please RSS, VHP peoples. Present Punjab government is destroying the rich history of Punjab and Sikhism. In Sikhism, cow was never worshiped. All these steps are making way for the RSS people to install Hindu gods at Golden Temple one day.

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How shameful and unfortunate that all these announcements – cow commissions, cow memorials – are and that all these decisions are being made by Sikh leaders; Sikh leaders who claim themselves to be sympathizers of Dalits and the poor. Can you believe that Punjab has been ranked number 1 state many times by many magazines and newspapers? It is shameful that public money is wasted on such commissions and memorials when Dalits of Punjab don’t have basic necessities, when Dalit students of Punjab struggle for good education.

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The condition of Government schools is poor; there is no infrastructure, and no availability of teachers. Is there no need to improve Government schools because they are being used by Dalit students?  A recent survey of Government of India showed that 97% of students in Government primary schools in Punjab are from Dalit and backward castes.

Dalits of Punjab lack basic necessities, Dalits of Punjab are as poor as Dalits of other states, and Dalits of Punjab are as enslaved as Dalits of other states. Dalits of Punjab don’t need cow commissions or cow memorials, they need good education. Give Dalits a chance to live, give Dalit students wings of dreams with good education, give Dalits a hope with good living conditions, create conditions where Dalits don’t have to live in fear. Follow what the Sikh Gurus preached.

It’s high time for everyone to wake up against these Hindutva preachings. Sikh leaders who are becoming puppets in the hands of these Manuwadis will lead to the end of Sikhism and if such activities – cow commissions, cow memorials – continue, the day won’t be far away when idols of Hindu deities will be seen at the ‘Darbar Saheb’ – Golden Temple.


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