[In Hindi] PDF Book – Behan Mayawati’s Interviews by Satnam Singh

This ebook has been sent by BAMCEF Chandigarh to share with everyone. We really appreciate the efforts BAMCEF is making to awaken Dalit-Bahujans. In case you also have anything to share with us, please email us at drambedkarcaravan@gmail.com

Thank you.

Download books by Dr. Ambedkar from here and download these following book also –

Check also – 15 books every Dalit must read

[gview file=”http://ambedkarcaravan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Bahen-Mayawati-Interviews.pdf” save=”1″]

Also Check – [In Hindi] PDF Book – Bahujan Nayak Manyavar Kanshiram by Sh Satnam Singh


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