19th July (1926) in Dalit History – Death anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar’s youngest son Rajratna

19th July 1926 in Dalit History – Death anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar’s youngest son Rajratna

Those were difficult times for Dr. Ambedkar. He lived in B.I.T Chawls, Mumbai; three floor building each having about 80 one-room tenements and having common baths. Although he was best qualified to fill the position of the Principal of Sydenham College he was not appointed despite of the best efforts of Dr R P Paranjpye, then the Member for Education. He accepted a part time post of a lecturer in the Batliboy’s Accounting Training Institute where he taught Mercantile Law. It was during this time that Ramabai, wife of Dr. Ambedkar, gave birth to a son. He named his son Rajratna whom he loved dearly. Before that his wife gave birth to three sons and a daughter (Indu) all of whom had passed away. However Dr. Ambedkar lost Rajratna too on 19 July 1926. Dr. Ambedkar was very sad & depressed because of the death.

19th July4

19th july3

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