17-20th July (1942) in Dalit History- All India Scheduled Castes Federation was founded

17-20th July (1942) in Dalit History- All India Scheduled Castes Federation was founded at National Convention of Scheduled Castes at Nagpur.

All India scheduled castes federation (SCF), was a first all India political party exclusively for Scheduled Castes. SCF was founded by Dr. Ambedkar in a national convention of the Scheduled castes held at Nagpur. It was presided by Rao Bahadur N.Shivraj, a renowed Dalit leader from Madras. An executive body of All India SCF was elected in the convention. Rao Bahadur N. Shivraj was elected as President and P.N.Rajbhoj (Bombay) was elected as general secretary. The convention passed the following resolutions;

1)      Cripps proposals were condemned as they failed to consider the interests of the Dalits.

2)      The separate identity of the Dalits be recognized.

3)      Special provision should be made in the budgets of respective provinces for the higher education of the untouchables.

4)      The untouchables should get adequate representation in the central and provincial ministries.

5)      Certain seats should be reserved in the government services

6)      The untouchables should get representation in the legislatures and local self-governments in proportion to their population

7)      Their representatives should be elected by separate electorate.

8)      There should be provision in the constitution for the separate settlements of the Scheduled castes.

9)      They should be given arable uncultivated land for their livelihood.

17th July2


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