What is the caste of your Sperms? 

Caste matters everywhere, I have been writing about it since long time. It is nothing new that caste matters everywhere and Indian couples, who could not have their own babies, always demanded for the ‘brahmin sperms’ from the sperm banks. Same applies to blood banks also, people have been reported demanding blood from particular castes!


It is a mindset of the people that if sperm is from Dalit or lower castes then they won’t accept that and if they accepted that sperm they will become impure! Caste is so deeply embedded in Indian society that caste comes into play even before baby is born and it stays with child throughout the life and it doesn’t even leave the person after death – remember there are separate burning places or burial places in India!

It is the parents who teach their kids about the caste. When parents are demanding ‘brahmin sperms’ how can take help make India a casteless society? These parents will teach there kids about their caste and how to discriminate. We believe such couples should not be given any sperm, they don’t deserve to have a baby!

Will this sick mentality of people change? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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3 responses to “What is the caste of your Sperms? 

  1. Gagarin Sirra

    Babasaheb told that Hindu is sick man of the world. He also put a profound responsibility on our shoulders that ‘his people would bring true democracy in this country’. Let us not worry too much on what others are doing or thinking. We must follow the foot steps of Babasaheb and most important remove sub caste feelings amongst ourselves and every Ambedkarite all over India should and must feel they are human beings first and human beings last. Since we are interested in caste less society we must concentrate more on what we want rather than what a casteist thinks and does. Why to waste our precious time on that unless they come in our way!


  2. Amol Mendhe

    Caste system is imbibed deeply into the mentality of a India person. It can be seen everywhere in the society… Even if a person gets highly educated, still some portion of this ill thinking remains inside.. Its not only because of the society and thoughts that are forcefully screwed into our brain since our childhood, but also because of the tradition and the system that is wrongly made and followed by since so may years


  3. Dhanaraj.R

    Caste is all pervasive in India.Those who born in the so called upper strata want perpetuation of the caste system while any sane person want to destroy such a evil system.My doubt is how the sperm banks brand its collections by caste? So people try to enforce caste system at every opportunity !


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