11th July (1996) in Dalit History: 21 Dalits were slaughtered by the Ranvir Sena (militant hindu organisation) in Bathani Tola

11th July (1996) in Dalit History: 21 Dalits were slaughtered by the Ranvir Sena (militant hindu organisation) in Bathani Tola, Bhojpur district in Bihar.

Among the dead were 11 women, six children and three infants. Ranvir Sena mob killed Women and Children in particular as per the design so as to demolish any future resistance which they foresaw. Sixty members of the Ranvir Sena had descended on the village and set 12 houses on fire. Using lathis, swords and firearms, the attackers continued the onslaught for two and a half hours. Dalits were killed because Dalit labourers were demanding the statutory daily minimum wage of Rs. 30.75 but landowners were willing to pay only Rs. 20. CPI(M-L) members convinced the laborers to refuse employment at that wage and called for an economic blockade against landowners. The attack on Bathani Tola, was an effort to weaken the resolve of CPI (M-L) cadres organizing in the village and to prevent a labor boycott on hundreds of acres of land.

On 17 April 2012 – The Patna High Court acquited 23 men convicted of the murders. It is shameful that in 16 years courts, police, and administration couldn’t find WHO KILLED THOSE INNOCENT DALIT?

Also check – 23rd March in Dalit History – 10 Dalits were killed in Haibaspur by Ranvir Sena (militant hindu organisation) and 25th January in Dalit History – 23 Dalits were massacred in Jehanabad (Bihar)

11th July3

 11th july4


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