From National Boxing Champion to Sweeper – Story of Krishna Rout

Krishna Rout won the Gold medal in 1987 and Silver medal in 1992 at National Boxing Championship but from last 15 years he is working as temporary worker, sweeper, and cleaning open drains of Howrah Municipal Corporation.

It’s possible only India that we ignore our heroes and treat them badly. When brahmins take about merit, all this shows how much we ‘care’ and respect merit. A national medalist boxer is languishing in Howrah municipal corporation working as a sweeper and working as spraying disinfectants in drains. Can we believe it? If this is how our government and official respect our merit, we can understand where is India heading for and where will be talent? It is shameful but reality that lower castes are treated worse and upper castes enjoy the benefits of everything.

“It is difficult to run a family of six including a brother suffering from tuberculosis with the paltry sum of Rs 232 a day,” said Rout. [Source – Indian Express]

Is this how we treat our national champions? Boxing is one of the toughest games in the world and boxers suffers a lot. This is not only story of Krishna Rout, almost all players other than cricket suffer the same end in India. Why only cricket is given preference in India and all the money is spent on cricket? Cricket is the game of the upper castes, mainly brahmins and have been dominated by brahmins only. Further, cricket is the one of the laziest games in the world and brahmins are expert in being lazy!

We demand proper job and reward be given to National champion!


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