Parents in India teach their kids about their caste

[Tweet “Welcome to India – where Dalit kids are forced to play in separate play-grounds.”]

Children will play with any other children until their parents tell them to play with their own caste children. Parents in India teach their kids about their caste. Dalit children are routinely forced to sit in the back of the classroom, forced to eat separately at lunch time in school and upper caste people don’t want their kids to sit with Dalits in classroom. Dalit children suffer the most and despite such discrimination they are beating so called upper castes in many spheres of life. If a better learning environment is provided for them, Dalits will surely excel.

[Tweet “According to one report, kids of age 4-5 know their caste!”] If kids at this young age will start learning to hate other castes, can any good be achieved? No. It is not good for any society and is dangerous for the development and progress of the nation.

Kids Play


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