Legalization of Gay Marriages in US and Caste in Indian Marriages

Indians, who have changed their profile picture at facebook or other social networks to celebrate legalization of gay marriages in US still prefer same caste marriage! Ironic but true. They publish caste wise demands in the newspapers!

We wholeheartedly welcome the decision on legalization of gay marriages in US.

[Tweet “Now, after ‘legalization of gay marriages in US’, will Indians demand for removal of caste? No.”]

Indians are most hypocritical.


If any couple tries to marry inter-caste they are killed, termed as honor killing. Khap Panchayats have always worked as anti-Dalit, anti-women, and anti-modernization. It is estimated that every year hundreds of married couples are murdered, are asked to leave the village, are asked to break their marriages and accept each other as brother-sister, are paraded naked, and their faces blackened by their families in order to regain/retain family honour, on the ill-fated instructions of Khap Panchayat. And mostly those suffering in these crimes are Dalits. The decisions about killing, burning homes, raping Dalit women etc are taken by these Khap Panchayats collectively at the open places without any fear.

[Tweet “Caste matters everywhere in India, we need to destroy everything that upholds this disease. “]

It’s not always the family of the boy or girl (as promoted by these Khap Panchayat) who kills or orders to kill but the Khap Panchayat members play an active role in executing rapes and murders. If they (boy/girl) escape, their family members are murdered/killed, gang-raped or fined heavily.

[Tweet “Khap Panchayats whole-sole motive/purpose is to work and maintain clan/caste system alive”]

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